The complete range of Effol® care products guarantees the wellbeing of your horse. All Effol® care products are dermatologically tested, and the raw materials are processed in accordance with pharmaceutical law. Effol® products are therefore extremely skin and coat compatible.

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Effol® Anti-Fly-Repellent-Roll-Stick from Pegasus Health

Effol® Anti-Fly-Repellent-Roll-Stick

Easy-to-apply and particularly suitable for specific use around a horse's eyes, nostrils and wounds.

£9.25 £8.33

Effol® Bag-Balm with Calendula from Pegasus Health

Effol® Bag-Balm with Calendula

Skin-friendly for horse and rider.

£6.45 £5.81

Effol® Brush-Fix from Pegasus Health

Effol® Brush-Fix

Unique brush arrangement for fixing directly to every Effol® and effax® tub/tin.

£3.95 £3.56

Effol® Hair-Root-Liquid from Pegasus Health

Effol® Hair-Root-Liquid

Reduces the formation of dandruff, strengthens the hair roots and promotes healthy growth of the mane and tail.

£12.25 £11.03

Effol® Hoof-Oil from Pegasus Health

Effol® Hoof-Oil

Ideal all-year round protection for healthy hooves.

£12.95 £11.66

Effol® Hoof-Ointment from Pegasus Health

Effol® Hoof-Ointment

Ensures healthy hoof growth.

£8.50 £7.65

Effol® Hoof-Soft from Pegasus Health

Effol® Hoof-Soft

Provides lasting moisture, thus re-establishing a correct balance in the hoof.

£10.99 £9.89

Effol® Horse-Balm from Pegasus Health

Effol® Horse-Balm

Has a refreshing and vitalising effect in the case of stiff muscles and tension.

£11.50 £10.35

Effol® Ice-Pack from Pegasus Health

Effol® Ice-Pack

Instant compress for cold treatment within seconds.

£6.50 £5.85

Effol® Mane-Tail-Liquid from Pegasus Health

Effol® Mane-Tail-Liquid

Greater fullness and volume for mane and tail!

£11.99 £10.79

Effol® Mouth-Butter from Pegasus Health

Effol® Mouth-Butter

For a horse's mouth which is soft as butter.

£9.99 £8.99

Effol® OceanStar Spray-Shampoo from Pegasus Health

Effol® OceanStar Spray-Shampoo

Ensures a unique, shimmering shine which is guaranteed to last for a long time!

£14.25 £12.83

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