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From horse supplements that balance hormonal function and tame unsociable behavior, to lotions that help clean and soothe stallion and gelding sheaths. The hygiene of your horse is an essential and responsible aspect of horse care. See shampoos with rich fragrant lathers that cleanse the coat and mane, cleaning any dirt and debris without stripping out any natural oils. The result will be a manageable coat and mane with optimum body and shine.

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Cush-Aid from Pegasus Health


Developed to aid assist in the management of animals that have suffered with hormone related problems.

£19.95 £17.96

Hormonise from Pegasus Health


Supports hormone imbalance and PMS in mares which causes unpredictable behaviour and irritability.

£18.00 £16.20

Navilam 'O' from Pegasus Health

Navilam 'O'

To nutritionally help maintain healthy joints and connective tissue.

£21.70 £19.53

No Bute from Pegasus Health

No Bute

The original devil's claw supplement.

£16.50 £14.85

No Bute Premium from Pegasus Health

No Bute Premium

With added MSM, glucosamine sulphate and citamin C for maintaining healthy joints and connective tissue.

£24.40 £21.96

NoWheeze from Pegasus Health


Supports clear airways.

£22.80 £20.52

OzOil Fresh Frog from Pegasus Health

OzOil Fresh Frog

A natural hoof oil to help maintain a healthy hoof and frog. Contains tea tree oil, which helps to destroy the conditions in which bacteria and fungus thrive.

£7.90 £7.11

OzOil Leg Wash from Pegasus Health

OzOil Leg Wash

Formulated to remove mud and debris from the legs without having to shampoo the horse. Particularly useful in winter months after working, hunting etc.

£9.40 £8.46

OzOil Sheath Cleaner from Pegasus Health

OzOil Sheath Cleaner

Specially developed for cleaning stallion and gelding sheaths.

£16.25 £14.63

OzOil Soothit Cream from Pegasus Health

OzOil Soothit Cream

A liquid cream with lavender to extend the residual activity on the surface of the skin and enhance the tea tree oil activity.

£8.40 £7.56

OzOil Super Body Wash from Pegasus Health

OzOil Super Body Wash

A refreshing and stimulating body wash, ideal for use after strenuous exercise.

£13.55 £12.20

OzOil Tea Tree Lotion from Pegasus Health

OzOil Tea Tree Lotion

A soothing lotion with tea tree oil, which can be used to soothe many minor skin complaints and help to keep your pets insect free.

£11.00 £9.90

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