A horse with a heart

The story of how a one-eyed horse won what is arguably the most famous showjumping competition in the world could have come straight out of a Hollywood tear-jerker. Maybe Steven Spielberg has already put in a call to Trevor Breen, because Trevor’s awe-inspiring performance on Adventure de Kannan in the 2014 Hickstead Derby had to be seen to be believed. Continue reading

Look into labels

Investigating product labels and learning about ingredients of feeds, supplements and healthcare products will help you to make more informed choices about what you feed and use on your horse. Many products are well formulated and ethically marketed, but not all. In the UK we are fortunate to have a very wide choice of products, but sometimes this can be confusing. Continue reading

Summer joint support

With the onset of summer and the ground hardening up, thoughts turn to our horse’s joints. Athletes depend on healthy joints yet lameness due to joint problems is common in riding horses. Medical treatment of osteoarthritis (degenerative joint disease) in horses is one of the most common veterinary interventions, which reflects the high rate of this condition. Continue reading