Alternatives to cod liver oil from Pegasus Health horse supplementsToday is the end of an era for us at Pegasus Health – and something we never expected to see.

After 20 years of supplying cod liver oil – our current stocks of our own-brand Pegasus Health Cod Liver Oil for horses are the last we will have.

Rising global demand for human cod liver oil supplements, coupled with tighter fishing quotas and regulations put in to protect cod in Iceland and the North Atlantic have pushed the price of cod liver oil up by 50%. Only a limited stock of our own-brand product remains available – but the good news is that we can recommend two viable alternatives to supplement your horse’s diet with the Essential Fatty Acids: Lincoln Omega Gold Rapeseed Oil – grown and harvested in the UK and therefore a great chance to buy British – and our own-brand Pegasus Health Linseed Oil for Horses.

Some people have always preferred supplementing their horses’ diets with these alternative natural oils – rich in Omega-3 – to using fish oils.

Pegasus Health has always supplied 100% pure veterinary grade cod liver oil. If you want to continue to buy cod liver oil from other suppliers we would suggest you may want to check that it meets the standards you would want for your horse.

Our competitors may not yet have increased their prices – but when their current supplies of cod liver oil are exhausted they will have no alternative but to meet the higher price and pass that on to customers.