Top 10 autumn questions

General horse health questions

Can you tell me some information about protein?

Protein is an essential macronutrient used for body tissue repair and regeneration. Protein quality, as well as quantity, is important, so a little knowledge about this nutrient can make all the difference to your horse’s health and performance.

Protein by Clare MacLeod

How can I feed to avoid or help mud fever?

Mud fever is a bacterial skin condition which can be difficult to treat and manage. Management practices are important to avoid or help treat the condition, but is there anything you can do from the inside?

Mud fever by Clare MacLeod

Can I feed to support healthy skin?

The skin, just like every other body tissue, relies on a supply of essential nutrients to remain healthy and function correctly. Certain nutrients are particularly important to ensure healthy skin.

The wonders of skin by Clare MacLeod

How do I feed my laminitic pony?

Careful attention needs to be made to pasture intake and the type of forage fed to laminitics, and the diet needs to be balanced correctly for optimal hoof growth and healing. Feeding a chaff or compound designed for laminitics has no therapeutic effect – they are labelled as such to confirm they won’t exacerbate the condition.

Let’s talk about laminitis by Clare MacLeod

How do I select hay?

Choose an appropriate hay for your horse and feeding will be easier. Hay can vary quite widely in nutrient supply and it is worth choosing it carefully.

Choosing hay by Clare MacLeod

Can I feed anything to help my sweet itch horse?

Sweet itch is caused by an allergic reaction to biting midges, and the main treatment is stopping the midges reaching the horse’s skin, for example with specialist rugs. Specific feeding strategies can also help to reduce itchiness and help the skin cope with the reaction.

Sweet itch by Clare MacLeod