About Graham Duncanson

Graham Duncanson BVSc MSc (VetGP) DProf FRCVS is a sheep farmer’s son who qualified as a veterinary surgeon from Bristol in 1966. He spent 8 years as a Government Veterinary Officer working in all districts of Kenya. He returned to the UK to work in general practice in Norfolk in 1975 and he has been working there ever since. He enjoys all aspects of large animal and equine veterinary work. He has a passion for equine dentistry. He also is particularly interested in equine dermatology and poisoning cases. He has written five veterinary text books, one on the veterinary treatment of working equines. His main hobby is travel. He has ridden a horse from Budapest to the UK.

Painful choices

Sir Terry Wogan, the famous broadcaster, is slightly older than me. One of his favourite expressions is: “I am rarely free of pain.” I often feel the same, particularly when getting out of bed or when I have been sitting in a car for some time. I suspect that the majority of the pain is in my joints but undoubtedly there is also pain in my muscles, tendons and ligaments. Continue reading