Good hoof care is a vital part of the day to day work for owners of horses and ponies.

We all know the value of regular inspections to check for problem areas – which can nip some painful and troublesome issues in the bud.

Horses that have dry, brittle hooves and cracked feet, or who are shod frequently or suffer from chronic, recurrent laminitis will benefit from having a supplement containing biotin added to their diet.

In the wild, horses would get biotin from grazing on good quality pasture. High concentrations of the water-soluble B-complex vitamin are found in alfalfa, with smaller amounts found in barley, oats and soybean meal.
Biotin for Horses from Pegasus Health
Pegasus Health makes its own Biotin for horses with added Zinc and Methionine. Together these ingredients will improve overall hoof quality and also boost your horse’s immune system.

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