Carr & Day & Martin is steeped in history as the oldest-established manufacturer of horse care products in the UK.

Pegasus Health is delighted to be able to offer the premier products of Carr & Day & Martin through our website – joining other leading suppliers like Equine America, NAF and Equine Science – to ensure that we are bringing our customers the chance to shop for the world’s best horse products all in one place.

The history of Carr & Day & Martin sounds almost like a fairy tale. It all began in 1765 when a hairdresser from Doncaster, called Mr Day, met an old soldier who offered to share with him a unique recipe for boot blacking that he had developed to care for the boots of his senior officers.

The two went into business and opened a shop in London in 1770. The mixture was made in the back of the shop and sometimes in Mr Day’s kitchen. Demand soared and soon they had a much larger building on the same site.

As part of early publicity campaigns, beautiful black horses were used to pull the Day & Martin delivery carriages through the streets and this, in turn, led to the company expanding into equestrian products. From that day to this the innovation has never stopped.

The company is proud to hold a Royal Warrant – first given in the early 1800s during the reign of George IV and retained by every monarch since including our current Queen.

In 1923 Day & Martin was bought by Carr & Sons and eventually became known by the current name Carr & Day & Martin. In 2006 it was bought again by the Tangerine Group of companies and today it is based at Lytham, in Lancashire.

Down the years the company’s reputation for the highest-quality research and development has kept it at the forefront of its industry.

Today its world-class facilities enable it to continuously improve existing products and develop new ones to protect, maintain and improve your horses’ coat, hooves and general health as well as a range of products to care for and nourish your leather horse equipment and saddlery – reflecting the company’s origins back in 1765.

Carr & Day & Martin works with equine colleges, universities and research institutions, to ensure that all its products can be demonstrated to work under real life conditions.

We are truly delighted to have these great products on the Pegasus Health website and hope you enjoy them as much as we do.