Creatine monohydrate – a nitrogenous organic acid that naturally occurs in vertebrates and helps to supply energy to muscle – is found naturally within the cells of a horse’s body. Creatine’s role within the cells is to rapidly make ATP (energy) available during times of high energy consumption, such as exercise!

In recent years both here (UK) and in America, creatine has been widely promoted as a supplement for horses in training or hard exercise. Pegasus Health recently considered selling creatine following requests from our performance customers. However, after conducting further research we’ve decided not to. And here is why:

In the only large study to date, twelve purebred Arabian horses were submitted to aerobic training for 90 days with and without 75 grams daily creatine supplementation, and then evaluated. It was not possible to show any beneficial effect from creatine on the skeletal muscle characteristics examined.

According to one expert in New Scientist magazine, horses are already endowed with a ‘near perfect balance between lungs, heart and muscle. Unlike human athletes, horses simply don’t have much room for improvement‘ (Budiansky 1996).