Pegasus Health is delighted and proud to announce that it is now a UK stockist for the full Equine America product range.

Equine America produces horse supplements and other horse products that have been trusted by vets and professional riders and trainers for years. They truly live up to their slogan: ‘Good for you and good for your horse’.

One of their most exciting products is the unique Cortaflex® supplement that is available in formulations suitable for horses, but also for cats, dogs and humans! And you can buy all of them from us here at Pegasus Health with the promise of our customer service and fast delivery across the UK and mainland Europe.

Cortaflex® is the number one joint supplement product and clinically-proven to help joint mobility. For horses it is available in powder, paste and solution so that you can choose the way to administer it in the best way for you and your horse.

As ever, please contact us if you need any advice or help finding the best products for your horse’s needs from the Equine America range.

Some other Equine America products you might like to read more about on our website are:

Equine America ProPell Plus® Solution – an iron-rich nutritional supplement containing vitamins and minerals which can be used as a daily tonic or an occasional boost for your horse if it has been ill or injured.

Equine America Progest WT Powder – a pre-biotic supplement to maintain the right balance of healthy gut bacteria to ensure your horse gets all the goodness it needs from its food.

Equine America So-Kalm Plus Powder – a product to help calm and focus your horse, containing premium grade Magnesium with L-Tryptophan, an essential amino acid associated with the production of serotonin.

Equine America Super Groom Whitening Shampoo – a brightening and colour-enhancing shampoo.

Equine America Hoof Magic Solution – providing daily protection from the risks of cracks and brittleness and encouraging strong healthy hooves.