It’s always a good sign when a company is owned and run by people who have worked with horses – and understood them – for years.

That’s one of the reasons that Pegasus Health has chosen to add the horse supplements of New Zealand company James Hart Solutions to its range.

Pegasus Health has been known and trusted for years for its own-brand of horse supplements and herbs for horses. We know how important it is to use top quality suppliers and rigorous manufacturing techniques.

But we always strive to bring our customers the greatest choice of top products available which is why we are excited to add James Hart Solutions Equine Herbals range to our website. They are a company that share our approach to quality control and customer service.

James Hart and Vanessa Hart are both qualified herbalists and they have also bred competition horses since 1983. They know what has helped their horses and they are keen to share that knowledge and expertise with other owners.

Their innovative range is based on liquid herbal extracts and was used extensively to help keep the many horses used in filming the Lord Of The Rings movie trilogy, in New Zealand, relaxed and in top condition.

We believe their range will complement our own meaning that every rider and owner – whether amateur or professional – will find something ideal for their horse’s lifestyle and the challenges it faces from time to time.

Testimonials on their site speak of the results owners have had with the Equine Herbals range from James Hart Solutions.

Equine Herbals Harmony, designed to re-regulate hormone levels in mares has brought contentment to owners whose horses have suffered with seasonal mood swings over many years.

Equine Herbals Harmony is working extremely well with my mare, she is a positive saint now, and the effect started after 24 hours, I can hardly believe it,” says one customer.

Other products given a top rating by horse owners including the calming products Equine Herbals Equi-Calm and Equine Herbals V-Calm and the mobility aid Equine Herbals Devil’s Claw Flex which helps joints stay supple and moving freely.