The closure and disappearance of bridleways around the UK is a matter of concern for many horse riders.

A group of some 20 horses and riders took to the streets of Selby in Yorkshire recently to protest about the closure of one of the area’s last remaining bridle paths on local farmland near Quosquo Hall.

The land is privately owned and is not a legal right of way and talks with North Yorkshire County Council and the landowner have failed to change the decision.

Riders say with roads getting busier and busier there’s never been a greater need for safe bridleways to keep horses and riders safe and to avoid slowing down the traffic.

However, the protesting Selby riders – escorted by police officers – deliberately delayed traffic to make the point to frustrated motorists about the need for bridle paths.

Intensive house building developments in many parts of the UK have also led to the loss of bridleways which had existed for decades.

The British Horse Society has pulled together a lot of information about bridleways on its website. It’s a useful place for riders to find information about how they can get involved with local campaigns on this important issue.