It seems that the ‘buzz’ around stables at this time of year (excuse the pun) is all about the best fly repellent products.

We think we’ve put together a good selection which you should browse if you are facing the issue of how to stop pesky flies and insects driving your horse or pony to distraction – WITHOUT filling the air with damaging chemicals.

You can browse our full range of fly, insect and parasite control products here. We have looked around to find the very best products, from top-rated suppliers, which are kind to your horse and the environment.

Singling out a couple of products, we’d suggest you take a look at Super Plus Fly Repellent, from Barrier Animal Healthcare. Available as a spray or a gel, it is powerful but gentle with all-natural ingredients.

We also supply masks to create a safe barrier over your horse’s face in high fly and midge-infested areas. Try this one from the Equilibrium range or the Absorbine UltraShield Fly Mask.