International demand is forcing up the price of garlic again.

Pegasus Health Garlic Granules for horsesThis month, the price of garlic in Jinxiang county, Jining city of Shandong Province, the so-called “garlic town” of China was up by 70 per cent compared to the middle of July, according to The Global Times.

Increasing orders from abroad have meant that garlic prices have risen steadily since July 2010.

In June this year, the city exported 100,000 tons of garlic, up 122 per cent on the same period in 2010.

Mid-August is the best time to store garlic, so some buyers are said to be using the opportunity to stockpile garlic, causing supply to lag behind demand and the price to soar, it is suggested.

We have also heard that a new environmental law in China means that processors will no longer be allowed to wash the garlic with water – which has been the traditional way – because of the pollution risks of flushing dirty water into rivers.

Garlic is said to have lots of health benefits for horses as well as humans. Garlic is believed to contain more than 25 substances that kill germs and is said to be able to deliver a major boost to the immune system.

Garlic is rich in Selenium and Sulphur and vitamin C.

Research has indicated that supplements like Pegasus Health Garlic granules for horses can reduce the accumulation of cholesterol on the vascular walls of animals. It also seems to help increase the appetite of a horse that is not feeding well.

Horse owners say that feeding Garlic is good for deterring tapeworms, pinworms and roundworms – but it is not advised to rely solely on Garlic and exclude the use of regular wormers.

Pegasus Health also sells a garlic and seaweed mix for horses – offering the benefits of both these potent natural supplements in one handy product.