At Pegasus Health we don’t just sell great products for horses and ponies – we also bring you some top supplements for dogs too.

One of our popular buys is Flax Oil for dogs – which provides healthy amounts of the ‘good fats’ that are often missing, or in small quantities, in commercial dog foods.

Flax Oil for dogs has been found by many dog owners to be a good remedy for skin problems including dry skin, itchy skin and excessive shedding. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which can help relieve illnesses like arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease. Owners of dogs with heart disease and cancer also say they have seen their dogs become more comfortable through regular use of Flax Oil – which is also known as Linseed Oil or Flaxseed Oil.

Our Pegasus Health Flax Oil for dogs is 100% British – sourced from a supplier in Yorkshire who has control of the entire production process. The farmers ensure that it is simply cold-pressed and filtered making it completely natural. Some cheaper blends are heated with destroys valuable Omega-3 content, and they may also have absorbed chemicals during the growing or harvesting process. There’s no risk of that with our Yorkshire Flax oil.

flax oil for dogs