Every week I receive emails from customers asking about the difference between glucosamine sulphate and hydrochoride. So here it is from the horse’s mouth:

The battle rages on concerning whether glucosamine hydrochoride (HCI) or glucosamine sulphate is preferred. The sulphate is important to the formation of strong cross-bridges in connective tissue, but there’s no evidence that the horse requires sulphate in any form other than the sulphate containing amino acids in protein. No studies definitely prove glucosamine sulphate has a better chemical effect than glucosamine hydrochoride. You get more glucosamine per gram with the hydrochoride form, and some horses are more reluctant to eat the sulphate.

So there you have it. Pegasus Health only sell pure glucosamine for horses in hydrochoride form.

And whilst I’m writing about glucosamine, there is no such thing as ‘Super Strength Glucosamine’ as I saw advertised on a web site earlier this week. Glucosamine is either pure or bulked/filled out with dextrose and/or limestone flour. I would always advise to buy glucosamine as a pure horse supplement.