I was reading a Daily Mirror interview with Anthea Turner recently where the keen horse rider – and Queen of clean – mentioned that she used Head & Shoulders on her horse’s mane and Daz or Persil washing powder on his tail.

Well! That’s one way of doing it I suppose.

But maybe Anthea, proud owner of a beautiful Andalusian stallion called Caramelo, would like to consider some alternatives.Equine whitening shampoo from Pegasus Health

How about Equine America Super Groom Whitening Shampoo?

This works as both a whitening and a colour-enhancing shampoo. Enriched with optical brighteners, moisturisers and conditioners it naturally highlights the coat, leaving white socks whiter than white, and darker coats with a deep rich colour.Gallop horse shampoo from Pegasus Health

Or maybe Gallop Conditioning Shampoo which is Ph balanced to make it ideal for equine skin and mild enough for daily use.

It is fresh and clean and easy to rinse out.