A fascinating report in the Irish Independent says the work horse is making a comeback in Ireland as people seek cleaner, greener and cheaper transport.

Nick Bramhill writes that farmers with small holdings are turning to horse-drawn ploughs instead of tractors finding them more efficient on some types of surface, kinder to the land and also giving the benefit of free manure!Horse power makes a come back on the farm

The Irish Workhorse Association was only formed in November 2010, and perhaps this also reflects the growing interest in returning to horse-drawn equipment and transport as fuel prices continue to rise and people become more aware of the impact their actions have on the environment.

Another website, Horse Power In Ireland, reminds us that animal power is still a daily reality and necessity in many parts of the world.

They also believe that the work horse is making a come back in many parts of the western world not just Ireland.

A return to the pastoral scenes we have often enjoyed in films and paintings sounds idyllic – but hard-working horses may also need extra health care support in order to enjoy long, comfortable working lives.

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