Screenshot from Lead Rope's website for equine assisted developmentWho would have thought that horses could be the secret to businesses developing that vital competitive edge in these challenging times?

A new business called Lead Rope thought just that and is now promoting “Equine Assisted Development” (EAD)  in the UK.

Lead Rope’s EAD courses allow employees and business leaders to work on developing skills including leadership, teamwork, creativity and problem solving.

How, you ask?

Well, as the name perhaps suggests this isn’t about horseriding.

Lead Rope’s training is about working with big, strong, intelligent animals who respond to non-verbal cues as much as to voices and actions. Participants find themselves having to use their creativity, communication, problem-solving and teamwork skills to make the horse do what they want.

These sort of skills can then find a place back in boardrooms, factories and offices. EAD also delivers a huge confidence boost to those who take part say Lead Rope’s bosses Mioto Dunnington and Nicole Simpson.

To find out more about Lead Rope and its course, visit the company’s website.