With money and time both in short supply for many horse lovers these days, horse sharing is growing in popularity.

So says a new article in Horse & Hound today.

It cites the success of the Horse Shares UK website which was set up four years ago by a keen rider who was desperate to keep her horse when she went away to university and thought sharing the costs of upkeep with someone else would be the way to go. She told Horse & Hound her website has had half a million hits this year already.

The British Horse Society is also quoted in the Horse & Hound article saying that it has had so many enquiries about horse sharing recently that it is drawing up a specimen horse sharing contract that people can copy.

Horse sharing sounds like a great way to share the expenses and keep your horse well exercised – but it also sounds like it could be fraught with misunderstandings and disagreements.

Drawing up a clear contract which agrees who does what, and who pays what, sounds like it has to be the way forward.