Pegasus Health LiveAid liver tonic for horses
It’s not just humans who need to detoxify now and then to keep their bodies working efficiently.
Horses also benefit from a tried and trusted equine liver tonic like Pegasus Health LiveAid.

This swift-acting supplement will keep your horse’s digestive system operating at its best, ensuring that your horse gets the maximum goodness from his diet.

If your horse has lost his sparkle, or seems listless, with a dull coat and an inability to gain condition, then a course of LiveAid could be just the thing.

One of our most popular sellers, we find that many owners notice a difference quickly.

This is the same product as Restore by Global Herbs, but slightly cheaper offering you value for money with no loss of quality.

We recommend a 30-day course of LiveAid twice a year for all horses and ponies for optimum health and performance. However, performance, show, veteran and working horses and ponies will benefit from a 30-day course of LiveAid every three months. It can be used continuously for horses that need constant help.

Read more about how LiveAid can help, and what it does, and who it is for on our LiveAid page.