Help your horse relax and improve muscle conditionTension is one of the major reasons why horses sometimes fail to perform well.

One of the most popular products we sell at the moment is a very clever and effective device that puts the benefits of massage within the reach of horse and pony owners from all walks of life.

The EQUILIBRIUM Therapy® Massage Pad is fast-acting and easy-to-use. Three years of research went in to developing this hand-held massage unit which helps horses to relax, improves flexibility and has great benefits for muscle condition.

It’s being used successfully by owners of international dressage horses right through to weekend hobby riders.

The Massage Mitt allows you to massage muscle groups in the neck, quarters and hamstrings – which can normally be difficult to reach. The Massage Mitt is portable, easy to clean and comes with a battery, charger and case.

Massage for horses and ponies can reduce stiffness caused by chronic injuries and conditions or after strenuous work. It improves the blood supply to the muscles and horses relax as their heart rate reduces throughout the massage.