If a moody mare is making your life a misery, the herbal supplement Agnus-castus is something you may want to try.

Many owners will testify that the natural properties of the ground berries of the Vitex Agnus-castus shrub have brought about great improvements in the behaviour of their horse.

For centuries Agnus-castus has been used in herbal medicine to relieve symptoms associated with human female hormonal imbalances such as menstrual cramps, mood swings and water retention.

It is the same natural properties that make it a popular treatment for seasonal moodiness in mares. Agnus-castus works on the pituitary gland to iron out hormonal imbalances which can make mares difficult to ride and train, unco-operative and aggressive. It can also calm moody stallions and geldings as well as mares.

It is recommended to feed Agnus-castus just before and then throughout a mare’s season.

Pegasus Health can supply Vitex Agnus-castus in refill packs that help your pocket and the environment by reducing packaging and costs.

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