At Pegasus Health we are always conscious of our impact on the environment and strive to do all we can to be ‘green’.

So we were thrilled to hear from one of our top suppliers – NAF – about a great green step forward that they have taken.

They have put new packaging techniques in place which mean the end of shrink wrapping from all NAF products – which was previously used to demonstrate that the items had not been tampered with, or contaminated in any way, before reaching the customer.

All screw top bottles and pots will in future have heat-sealed foil tops while non-screw top packs will have improved tamper-evident lids which also have another advantage of being easier to open on a daily basis.Natural Animal Feed NAF supplied by Pegasus Health

NAF sales director, Vicki Black, said: “We are delighted to have made yet another progressive step in reducing waste, something close to our hearts. To continue to guarantee non-contamination of our products, deliver them in first class condition, whilst being greener than ever before, is a great achievement.”

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