NatureBute the new name for Boswellia for horsesThere’s a new name on the Pegasus Health website for our popular Boswellia for horses supplement – NatureBute®

But inside the tub – with its new eye-catching label – you’ll be pleased to know it is still the same tried and trusted product that has brought pain relief and eased inflammation for thousands of horses and ponies.

Boswellia Serrata – a 100% natural painkiller and anti-inflammatory – produced from the gum resin of the Boswellia Serrata tree – is often called ‘nature’s Bute’. This is a reference to the equine medicine phenylbutazone (‘Bute’) because many owners and trainers have found Boswellia for horses to be a viable alternative to this drug.

So our new name of NatureBute®  seems appropriate for this best-selling product which offers a gentle, natural solution to ease inflammation and pain in hard-working equine joints.

NatureBute® is also gentle on the gastrointestinal tract and safe for long-term use.

Read more, and order this cost-effective equine supplement today at the NatureBute® page on the Pegasus Health website.