Always keen to make your lives easier, if we can, we have now started selling these 30ml pump dispensers through our website to make it easy for you to dispense Pegasus Health own brand oils and liquids.30ml pump dispenser for oils and liquids

They are compatible with the five and 25-litre containers of oils that we sell – including Rapeseed Oil and Linseed Oil – as well as our Cider Apple Vinegar which also comes in the same quantities.

The pump dispensers are available in two different sizes. The one for five-litre containers has a 268mm dip tube to reach to the bottom of the container and the screw top measures 38mm across. This will fit our five-litre container of Pegasus Health Soya Oil.

The pump dispenser for the 25-litre containers has a dip tube that is 427mm long and a screw top measuring 59 mm wide.

These are designed to fit Pegasus Health own brand liquids, but MAY fit other product containers as well.