Pegasus Health sells Linseed Oil for horses Linseed Oil – or Flax Oil, or Flaxseed Oil – as it sometimes known, has reached new heights of popularity in recent years as a health supplement for horses and dogs who need support for hard-working or ageing joints, who have skin infections or poor coat condition and who are suffering from digestive problems and even cancer.

Pegasus Health is delighted to say that it is now selling Flax Oil for dogs and Linseed Oil for horses from a British supplier. We feel that this will offer our customers the highest quality flaxseed oil. We’re also delighted to be keeping business in Britain.

Our new supplier is PureFlax – a family-run business in the Yorkshire countryside.
Partner Grace Liddle explained that they can track all their flax seeds back to the exact field where they were grown – this level of traceability just isn’t available from some other suppliers.

All PureFlax oil is cold-pressed, with no added chemicals.

Grace explained: “Many oils have heat added to the seed or the oil at some stage in the extraction process. But heat destroys the Omega-3 content of the oil – which is where most of its goodness lies.

Pegasus Health chooses Pureflax to supply flax oil and linseed oil
“Our oil is just cold-pressed and filtered. You can tell by smelling it what a natural product it is.”

About 58% of PureFlax oil is Omega-3. It also contains Omega-6 and Omega-9 and these three essential fatty acids are in perfect balance. Many horses fail to get enough Omega-3 and Omega-6 in their diet.

Grace said customers are full of praise for how Linseed Oil benefits moody mares. It is also good for hoof quality, skin conditions like flaky skin or sweet itch, It brings a wonderful shine and gloss to the coats of horses, and dogs.

The National Horse and Pony Network ran a trial using PureFlax Oil and said: ” The horse we tested Pure Flax on has a compromised immune system and as a result has a very poor coat, dry skin and had suffered a bout of skin infections requiring harsh veterinary treatments leaving him with a scurfy and terrible looking coat. Along with this he also suffered mild bouts of colic. Feeding Pure Flax greatly improved this horse’s skin and coat, the coat how has a glossy shine and the skin is no longer dry, scurfy and is very healthy. Our horse also suffered no bouts of colic during the trial period.”

Research shows that it is the Omega-3 that gives this natural plat-based oil strong anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it a supplement that can bring relief to swollen joints, mobility problems and arthritis in horses and in dogs. It has also been used to treat ulcers and digestive problems. Owners of dogs with cancer say their pets have become more comfortable since starting to take Flax Oil.

Swedish Olympian rider Dag Albert has been using PureFlax oil on his horse Tubber Rebel and said: “We decided to put Tubber Rebel, an event horse shortlisted to represent Sweden at the London Olympics, on PureFlax Oil. It is a quality British product and high in Omega-3 which is so beneficial to horses especially those with high demands. We believe by feeding Tubber Rebel the PureFlax Oil we are doing our part to help him feel, look and perform at his best.”

Martin Hill Racing also used the product on two of their young racehorses whose coats were showing bald patches and said there was a great improvement.

They added: “What has been really good is that Alfie has continued to eat up from the first day we added the PureFlax. It is really important for a racehorse to eat! If they don’t eat you can’t train them and thoroughbreds are notoriously fussy eaters! I have tried to add oil to their feed before with no luck at all, one sniff and they turn up their noses and won’t even take a mouthful. Since the trial started Alfie has run very well.”

Dog owner Carol Handford said: “I recently purchased a dog for racing purposes and was concerned about his skin. He had bald patches all over and the rest of his fur was very, very sparse, and had really, really bad flaky skin. I tried PureFlax and to my amazement after only two weeks the bald patches started growing hair, his coat started getting thicker and the flaky skin got better. I have now been using PureFlax on my dog for about 5 weeks and the flaky skin has gone. He has no bald patches and now supports a thick black shiny coat. He looks a picture of health and is a very, very happy dog.”

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