Cider Apple Vinegar supplement for your horse or ponyWarmer weather and longer days are great for enjoying rides in the sunshine – but it also brings with it the pesky problem of controlling flies around your horse.

Last year there was a theory doing the rounds that grey horses were less attractive to blood-sucking flies than black or bay horses.

Vets are not so sure – and most horse owners will have looked for solutions to the fight against flies at some stage.

Have you tried the very simple, natural remedy of Cider Apple Vinegar?

Dilute the Cider Apple Vinegar with water and it makes a natural fly repellent which you can spray on to your horse’s coat as a viable alternative to insecticides.

There are other benefits to Cider Apple Vinegar too. As an equine health supplement it helps digestion, promotes a healthy appetite and may prevent wood-chewing, because of the potassium and other trace minerals it contains.

At Pegasus Health we sell a range of other solutions to combat flies and insects.

These include a fly repellent roll stick – that will work for riders as well as their horses and ponies. There’s also anti-fly sprays, gels and wipes so you are sure to find something to suit your horse and your pocket.

For the ultimate protection against flies and midges we sell masks for your horse which will give them comfort and relief against the insect world.