Two new nutritional equine supplements that support healthy stomach function in horses are now being sold through our website.

Supplied by NAF (Natural Animal Feeds), they are particularly aimed at performance horses.

NAF GastriAid is recommended for the times when your horse shows signs of gastric stress. No horse can perform properly on an upset stomach, and NAF GastriAid will defend the stomach from acid attack and help maintain a healthy pH balance in the gut.

Made in the UK – like all NAF horse products –  NAF GastriVet is another highly-rated product that will support performance and sports horses who are predisposed to suffer from stomach ulcers and gastric stress.

NAF GastriVet promotes a healthy gastric environment and supports the natural anti-inflammatory processes of the horse’s gut.

Clinically-proven, this nutritional horse supplement provides a cost-effective follow-up to veterinary treatment.