Absorbine Embrocation

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Absorbine Embrocation from Pegasus Health
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Absorbine® Embrocation - the new name for VETLIN!

For over 118 years, Absorbine® Embrocation has been the world's number one selling horse liniment. It’s a soothing blend of natural herbs and oils that provides temporary relief for sore muscles, stiff joints, and tendonitis.

Why Absorbine® Embrocation is good for your horse:
Fatigued muscles need more food, more energy and fast removal of wastes. The blood supplies these needs. An embrocation stimulates the circulation where applied, thus helping meet the muscles' demands. To heighten the stimulating effect, simply massage in Absorbine® Embrocation.

Either full strength or in a wash, Absorbine® Embrocation is consistently effective and safe. Does not blister, stain or remove hair.

  • Multi-use formula for temporary relief of muscle soreness and more
  • Made with natural blend of herbal extracts: calendula, echinacea, and wormwood
  • Antiseptic for minor cuts and insect bites
  • Helps prevent hoof and sole fungal infections
  • Refreshing body wash

LEGS: Rub in thoroughly. To speed-up effectiveness wring out a sponge in hot water and hold to the affected area. Repeat for 10 minutes to steam the pores open. Rub dry. Next apply enough to wet the skin. Rub in well. Apply three or more times during the day, as necessary. If you rub, don't wrap.

SETTING UP: Professional trainer's recommend 'setting up' after the day's workout by applying to all four legs and wrap lightly. Be careful of bandaging too tightl

BACK, LOIN and SHOULDERS: Rub in thoroughly. To speed up effectivenesss, steam pores open first with a heavy towel wrung out in hot water. Rub dry and apply Absorbine® Embrocation. Cover with heavy blanket. Repeat three or four times daily. Take care to protect the horse from draughts.

BODY WASH: To make a good body wash mix 100 ml of Absorbine® Embrocation with 600 ml water and 200 ml Apple Cider Vinegar. A daily Absorbine® Embrocation wash helps horses cool out and stay supple.

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