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Pegasus Health Biotin Plus from Pegasus Health
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Wheatfeed, lucerne, DL-methionine, MSM (2.5%), lysine HCI, sodium choride, rosehip

Biotin 600 mg/kg or 15 mg per 25 g

Pegasus Biotin Plus combines biotin with zinc, copper, methionine, MSM, rosehip and lysine which clinical studies indicate will help your horse grow stronger hoof walls and improve coat quality. The synergistic combination of these ingredients is a powerful blend giving better results for hooves, skin and coat than biotin alone.

Hoof and hair is made of a dense protein called keratin, and the amino acids, nutrients and minerals in Pegasus Health® Biotin Plus are all believed to help form strong, durable keratin.

Biotin Plus contains:

  • Biotin (also called vitamin B7 and vitamin H) works on the healthy growth of hooves, skin and coat
  • Zinc and copper - vital nutrients for healthy hooves. Zinc also naturally supports the immune system
  • Methionine - an amino acid which is also needed for hoof strength
  • Rosehip - a rich source of natural antioxidants
  • Lysine - an essential amino acid and a building block for protein
  • MSM - a bio-available sulphur that may help keratin formation
Feed to:
  • Horses with dry brittle hooves and cracked feet*
  • Horses that are shod frequently or tend to pull their shoes off regularly
  • Support healthy hoof laminae
  • Horses which rely on poor-quality pasture for a proportion of their diet
  • Support natural immunity
*Biotin cannot improve the quality of existing hooves, it can only improve the growth of new hoof wall. Therefore, this product will need to be taken over a period of months to see results as it takes 9-12 months for a hoof to totally re-grow.

  g per day
Heavy horse (700 kg and over) 30
Horse (400-700 kg) 15-30
Pony (up to 400 kg)

Ensure hay or forage, and clean fresh water, are always available. If other supplemented horse feeds are consumed then the rate must be adjusted to account for extra minerals so that maximum levels of nutrients are not exceeded. Feed at the above rates with straight feeds depending on weight of horse.
  • Ration can be doubled for first four weeks if required
  • Ration can be doubled for pregnant/lactating mares and youngstock
  • Suitable for temporary or recurrent hoof problems and can be fed on a permanent basis
A 2.5 kg tub fed at 30 g per day will last 83 days.
Biotin is a water-soluble B-complex vitamin. It is sometimes called vitamin B7 or vitamin H - the H refers to the German words "haar und haut”, for “hair and skin”.

It was first identified in the 1930s and was found to help people who had brittle nails and to support healthy skin.

Recent clinical observations on the response of equine hoof quality to biotin supplementation have indicated that 15 mg of biotin a day may be sufficient to improve hoof integrity.

Horse owners have also found it beneficial and it has become a popular nutritional supplement to promote and maintain the growth of healthy hooves, skin and coat.

Horses naturally get biotin from grazing on good quality pasture. High concentrations of biotin are found in alfalfa. Moderate amounts are found in oats, barley, and soybean meal, and small amounts occur in corn. A horse makes B vitamins in its large intestine as fibre from its diet is broken down. But because biotin is water-soluble it does not stay in the horse’s body very long. Any biotin not used immediately by cells in the body will be passed out in the horse’s urine.

There is strong evidence to suggest that horses which already have dry, brittle hooves and cracked feet; those that are shod frequently or that pull their shoes off often and those with hoof challenges that cause disturbed hoof horn growth are the ones that will benefit most from having a supplement containing biotin added to their diet.

There are also no known harmful reactions between biotin and any other drug a horse may be prescribed.

Biotin cannot improve the quality of existing hooves, it can only improve the growth of new hoof wall. Therefore, it will need to be taken over a period of months to see results as it takes between nine and twelve months for a hoof to totally re-grow.

The most helpful and effective biotin supplements include other ingredients giving a more powerful overall effect. Pegasus Health's Biotin Plus combines biotin with zinc, methionine, MSM and other important nutrients and amino acids which work together to improve overall hoof quality and also support your horse's immune system.

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