Day, Son & Hewitt Respyt®

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Day, Son & Hewitt Respyt® from Pegasus HealthDay, Son & Hewitt Respyt® from Pegasus Health
Day, Son & Hewitt Respyt® from Pegasus Health
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Antioxidants provide the extra support needed by the horse's respiratory system and have a healing effect on the lungs and airways.

Vitamins C and E - play an important role in repairing the damage associated with inflammation of the airways and help to protect cell membranes.

Herbs for horses such as garlic, plantain, white horehound and coltsfoot - included for their soothing, healing effect and help in the expulsion of mucus.

Day, Son & Hewitt Respyt® is a blend of nutrients, nutraceuticals, oils and herbs which help support a healthy respiratory system. All stabled horses will benefit from extra respiratory support. In this artificially created environment, the dust, mould and urea are a serious challenge to the horses respiratory system.

Respyt® is also of particular benefit to horses that suffer from specific respiratory conditions such as recurrent airway disease (RAO) a condition previously known as COPD. For optimum results, Respyt® should be fed long-term in addition to a balanced diet. In the prevention and management of respiratory problems it is also important to keep bedding and forage dust free. Haylage is therefore the best forage option, or alternatively feed soaked hay.

All stabled horses will benefit from extra respiratory support:
If the horse is already receiving a balanced diet, feed Respyt® long-term to help support airways and lungs challenged by the dust, mould and urea present in a stabled environment. If feeding less than the manufacturers recommended amount of concentrate feed or if they are doubtful of the nutritional quality of forage, the diet should be balanced in the first instance using Foundation®.

Pony up to 349 kg 0.5 sachet
Horse 350-599 kg 1 sachet
Large horse 600 kg + 1.5 sachets

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