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Pegasus Health FlexiMover® 10:10 from Pegasus Health
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A blend of 99.0% pure glucosamine hydrochloride (derived from shellfish) and 99.9% pure methylsulfonylmethane (MSM).

1 x level 25 ml scoop (enclosed) = 12.5 g of glucosamine hydrochloride and 10 g of MSM.

What's in the pot? 750 g 1.5 kg 3 kg
Glucosamine hydrochloride 415 g 835 g 1.67 kg
MSM 335 g 665 g 1.33 kg

FlexiMover® 10:10 is a powerful joint supplement combining TWO potent ingredients glucosamine hydrochloride and MSM (methylsulphonylmethane) in one great value-for-money product, with no added fillers or bulkers. FlexiMover® 10:10 is the ideal choice for all working horses, to supply building blocks for healthy joint cartilage and should be fed long term, before mobility is limited.

Glucosamine has the best scientific evidence compared to the other joint supplement ingredients, and it's a must for all horses and ponies who need joint support or who are in hard work. MSM supplies biologically available sulphur and has the added benefits of hoof, hair and connective tissue support as well as joint support. Feed FlexiMover® 10:10 as a prophylactic, before you need to give joint extra support with a product such as FlexiMover®.

FlexiMover® 10:10:

  • Safe for long-term use
  • Safe for competition use
  • Supplies the recommended levels of shellfish-derived glucosamine hydrochloride and MSM

Feed FlexiMover® 10:10 to:

  • All horses and ponies in hard work
  • Competing horses and ponies with a busy schedule
  • Hunters
  • Older horses and ponies
  • Nutritionally support ligament, tendon and joint health
  • Naturally sustain joint elasticity and all-round mobility
  • Support musculoskeletal and navicular health
  • Support the body's natural anti-inflammatory and pain mechanisms/responses

  g per day
Scoops per day
Heavy horse (700 kg and over) 33.75 1.5
Horse (400-700 kg) 22.5 1
Pony (up to 400 kg) 17 0.75

1 x level 25 ml scoop (enclosed) = 22.5 g (12.5 g of glucosamine hydrochloride and 10 g of MSM).

A 750 g tub fed at 22.5 g per day will last 33 days.

Pegasus Horse Supplements Ltd does not recommend loading this feed supplement as there is no evidence-based reason to do so.

Horses kept for their athletic abilities are at high risk of musculoskeletal problems, and injuries and diseases of the joints are a common problem. In fact, the most common cause of lameness in horses is due to joint problems involving a breakdown and degradation of the cartilage.

Careful management and conditioning programs as well as dietary supplementation of supportive ingredients will help keep the joints healthy, and avoid injury. Glucosamine and MSM provide building blocks and compounds for healthy cartilage and joint connective tissue, and they can be used prophylactically i.e. to help support good health and function before any problems occur. Supporting the healthy performance horse with supplementation before any wear and tear is evident is prudent, and FlexiMover® 10:10 does this by nourishing the cartilage, aiding joint health and function.

  • Glucosamine for horses - an easily-absorbed source of a natural amino sugar found in the body which provides the building blocks for healthy joint cartilage. It has no known side-effects
  • MSM for horses - an excellent source of dietary sulphur, a mineral involved in maintaining good quality collagen, cartilage, hooves, hair, joint fluid and many important enzymes. Sulphur complements the actions of the glucosamine

Glucosamine is the most evidence-based of all the joint-supporting compounds. Glucosamine is a crucial building block of cartilage, joint fluid and other joint tissue. It has been shown to promote cartilage metabolism, therefore supporting joint structures and maintaining mobility, and it supports the horse's natural anti-inflammatory processes and pain responses.

Research in humans has shown that 1500 mg (1.5 g) daily is needed for effectiveness, so there is no point in feeding this, or even double this amount to a horse. Vets and nutritionists recommend 10 g of actual glucosamine daily for horses, which equates to 12.5 g of glucosamine hydrochloride.

MSM supports the horse's natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidants processes, and is a well-known joint-supporting ingredient. It consists of 34% sulphur - a key mineral in connective tissue and joints - and is reported to be one of the least toxic substances in biology. Vets and nutritionists recommend 10 g of MSM daily for horses.

Are you feeding the best joint supplement for your horse?
There are a huge number of horse joint supplements out there - but check the ingredients to make sure they can be effective. Just as important, check the amount of each ingredient per daily serving.

Daily servings of a few hundred milligrams of vitamin C or tens of milligrams of manganese will not make any difference to a balanced diet in a healthy horse - who should already be ingesting at least 400 mg of manganese daily and should be producing his own supply of vitamin C.

Extra vitamin C may be necessary for a sick, old or stressed horse, but to be effective it needs to be fed at a rate of 5-15 g daily.

Joint supplement ingredient levels
for a 500 kg horse 
Ideal amount per day Minimum amount per day
grams milligrams grams milligrams
Boswellia 21 21,000 7 7,000
Chondroitin sulphate 5 5,000 2.5 2,500
Glucosamine hydrochloride 12.5 12,500 6.25 6,250
Glucosamine sulphate 16.8 16,800 8.4 8,400
Green lipped muscle extract (GLME) 12.5 12,500 12.5 12,500
Hyaluronic acid (HA) 0.1 100 0.08 80
Methylsulphonylmethane (MSM) 10 10,000 5 5,000

Look at the product label to make sure each daily serving supplies enough active ingredients. The table above lists the amounts of active ingredients needed. To calculate amounts per daily serving where they are given per kilogram, divide the daily serving by 1000 and then multiply this by the amount of active ingredient in 1 kg.

Pegasus joint supplements include the most appropriate ingredients, provided at effective levels in each recommended serving. With Pegasus joint supplements, you know that the numbers add up for you and your horse.



Fantastic value for a pure joint supplement with no rubbish in it. Way ahead of similar supplements.

Jenny Peters, August 2014

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