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Pegasus Health Hoof Power Xtra from Pegasus Health
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Alfalfa, oat feed

Active ingredients per 25 g serving
Biotin 40 mg
Copper (E4) 50 mg
Lysine 4,000 mg (4 g)
Methionine 5,000 mg (5 g)
Zinc (E6) 250 mg
Analytical constituents  
Calcium 0.74%
Copper 1999.00 mg/kg
Phosphorus 0.05%
Sodium 0.55%
Crude ash 15.73%
Crude fibre 14.66%
Crude protein 18.90%
Crude oils & fats 1.24%

Hoof supplements for horses
Pegasus Hoof Power Xtra is the ultimate hoof supplement. It combines high levels of biotin with essential minerals zinc and copper, essential amino acids methionine and lysine, and natural alfalfa, which will help your horse grow strong hoof walls and have excellent coat quality. The synergistic combination of these ingredients at optimal levels is a powerful blend giving better results for hooves, skin and coat than biotin alone.

Hoof and hair is made of a dense protein called keratin, and the amino acids, nutrients and minerals in Hoof Power Xtra are essential for strong, durable keratin. Keratin relies on sufficient sulphur to maintain its strength and resilience, and the essential amino acid methionine is a rich source of sulphur. In addition, lysine is the amino acid most often deficient in equine diets, so shortages will limit the helpful effects of biotin.

Zinc and copper are essential minerals that both play roles in keratin synthesis. Copper is also required for enzymes that are involved in the formation of bonds in collagen fibres and in skin and hair pigments. Low zinc concentrations in hoof horn have been associated with decreases in strength and hardness.

Hoof Power Xtra contains optimal levels of these active ingredients:

  • Biotin, which is clinically proven to improve hoof growth and is key for a healthy skin and coat
  • Lysine – the most important essential amino acid and a key building block for protein
  • Methionine – a sulphur-containing essential amino acid which is needed for hoof strength
  • Zinc and copper - vital nutrients for healthy hooves, skin and hair
  • A palatable alfalfa base, which provides extra calcium and other minerals

Hoof Power Xtra is a concentrated supplement, meaning your horse gets high levels of active ingredients but without large or loading servings. One daily serving (25 g) supplies 40 mg of biotin for horses, which is necessary for optimal results in even the most challenged hooves. 5 g of methionine and 4 g of lysine are included per 25 g serving, along with zinc and copper in a balanced ratio.

Feed to:

  • Horses with hoof challenges including brittle, crumbling or cracked walls, poor soles and slow growing horn
  • Horses that are shod frequently or tend to pull their shoes off regularly
  • Support healthy hoof laminae
  • Horses which rely on poor-quality pasture for a proportion of their diet
  • Help with a healthy haircoat

Hoof Power Xtra should be fed long-term for best results, because it will affect mostly the growth of the new hoof wall, and the hoof takes between six and twelve months to totally regrow. After the hoof quality improves, you can reduce the daily serving by half, and feed it long term to support healthy hooves.

  g per day Scoops per day
Heavy horse (700 kg and over) 25-37.5 1-1.5
Horse (400-700 kg) 12.5-25 0.5-1
Pony (up to 400 kg) 12.5-25 0.5-1

After the hoof quality improves (6-12 months), you can reduce the daily serving by half, and feed long-term to support healthy hooves.

A 1 kg tub fed at 25 g per day will last 40 days.
A 1 kg tub fed at 12.5 g per day will last 80 days.

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