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This product is induction sealed for tamper indication, leak prevention and freshness.

Liver tonic for horses
LiveAid® is a powerful Indian herbal tonic that supports liver function in horses. It also helps maintain efficient digestion.

The liver is constantly under threat of attack from issues such as parasites, bacterial infections, prolonged use of antibiotics and other conventional drugs, and toxins which may creep in through contaminants in feeds or the environment. LiveAid® supports liver function to optimum levels and increases bile secretion so that the digestive system works efficiently.

LiveAid® liver cleanse helps your horse successfully absorb all the nutritional goodness from its diet and any other supplements it is taking. By improving how the horse's body metabolises its food, LiveAid® can help your horse gain weight and condition and support its general health.

Horses that have had access to ragwort - or where it is suspected - should have their liver function supported due to the harmful effects of this poisonous plant, and LiveAid® is ideal in these cases. LiveAid® is also suitable for healthy maintenance of the laminae, or for horses and ponies known to be prone to needing such support.

Your horse may benefit from the supportive effects of LiveAid® if you notice your horse has: an inability to gain condition despite correct feeding and regular worming, poor coat quality, listlessness and general failure to thrive and sparkle. In many cases, changes can be seen within a few days of starting to give LiveAid®. You may notice the colour of your horse's coat start to change as his digestion begins to work more efficiently.


  • For nutritional support of healthy laminae
  • To support liver tissue and good bile production
  • As an aid to natural recovery from general unthriftiness and the inability to gain condition in spite of correct feeding and parasite control
  • Those susceptible to changes in feed, foul faecal odour, listlessness and stocking up
  • For all horses and ponies after modern medication/synthetic drugs
  • As an aid to achieving 'bloom', condition and 'sparkling' performance in all show and competition horses
  • With PegaVite® and Flax Oil for perfect nutrition
We recommend a 30-day course of LiveAid® twice a year for all horses and ponies for optimum health and performance. However, performance, show, veteran and working horses and ponies will benefit from a 30-day course of LiveAid® every 3 months. LiveAid® can also be supplemented daily for horses and ponies that need constant help.

  ml per day
Heavy horse (700 kg and over) 35-45
Horse (400-700 kg) 20-35
Pony (up to 400 kg) 10-20

Split between 2 daily feeds with drinking water or mixed with feed.

1 litre fed at 30 ml per day will last 33 days.

Optimum health and performance for all horses and ponies can be helped by the powerful yet natural liver tonic, LiveAid®.

LiveAid® liver cleanse for horses brings together powerful herbal extracts - without using chemicals in the manufacturing process - and can be mixed with a horse’s feed making it easy to administer and palatable to the horse.

Top quality control processes, and stringent monitoring of the ingredients and the manufacturing method, guarantees consistency and ensures that LiveAid® is safe as well as effective.

Tests indicate that LiveAid® can also help support pancreatic and duodenal enzyme production alongside other digestion benefits. Because of the effect it has on bile secretion, LiveAid® also facilitates effective absorption of fats and fat-soluble nutrients as well as carbohydrates.

The liver is a vital organ responsible for some 2,000 metabolic functions. It’s most critical role is the safe handling of ‘waste’ including toxins produced either by the body or the environment in which the horse lives and works.

Chemicals that the horse may ingest either through things it eats, drugs it is prescribed or pollution in the environment, plus any viruses and bacteria, all have to be dealt with by the liver which also has a major role to play in the immune system. The liver constantly monitors organisms and chemicals and can neutralise them and kick-start the process of expelling them safely from the body.

The liver can convert some toxins into water-soluble products that are passed into the blood stream and then out of the body as urine via the kidneys. Other products are turned into fat-soluble products which are then excreted after bile is produced by the liver.

Bile is a complicated combination of products including very important emulsifier compounds, or ‘bile salts’, which are an essential part of the effective absorption of carbohydrates, fats and fat-soluble nutrients such as vitamins A, D, E and K.

Horses do not have gall bladders, so they are unable to store bile. This means that bile has to be constantly produced so that the delicate digestive system works as it should and nutrients including vitamins and minerals are efficiently absorbed.

The liver is also a vital ‘processing plant’ involved in the processes around digestion. This important organ - which relative to the size of the horse is proportionately smaller than in most other animals - can take out of circulation some products of digestion and process them to form molecules of various kinds needed for healthy growth and repair.

The horse lives longer than many other animals so that means that there is the increased likelihood of liver function becoming compromised over time. A horse’s liver is under attack all the time from potentially damaging chemicals in the environment as well as chemicals found in medical treatments such as anti-inflammatories, wormers and antibiotics.

LiveAid® supports liver tissues.  Indications that a horse’s liver is not working at full capacity may appear gradually as the liver’s ability to perform reduces. In some cases, signs may appear suddenly, or they may appear more slowly. Signs include a marked deterioration in coat quality - or a reluctance of the coat to shed - poor digestive performance, sloppy droppings, or a general lack of energy and enjoyment of life.

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