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NAF Respirator from Pegasus Health
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Alfalfa meal, vitamin C, N-acetylcysteine, L-glutamine, multiple sourced antioxidant micronutrients.

Provides valuable nutritional support to the respiratory mucosal immune system and the delicate capillary blood vessels that surround the lungs. Contains a high concentration of orthoprocyanadins, a particularly potent form of antioxidant.

  • Recommended for horses with hypersensitivities to external airborne irritants such as dust, spores, mould and pollen
  • Feed Respirator when compromised lung function or dust challenge is seen, to support clear, healthy lungs
As naturally athletic animals, the horse's lungs have evolved for maximum efficiency in flight from predators. We now utilise their evolved lung capacity for peak performance, or simply leisure riding. The pressures of the modern equine life, such as stable bedding, dried forage and enclosed areas, can be acutely detrimental to these large, delicate organs.

Research shows that by supplementing the diet with naturally sourced antioxidants the horse's lungs can be given valuable support. NAF Respirator contains a high concentration of procyanadins and flavonoids with ortho-phenolic groups which are particularly potent antioxidants. These have been chosen for their targeted support of healthy lung function. The unique blend of nutrients provided by NAF Respirator powder supports the mucosal immune system within the respiratory tract and the delicate lung tissue itself.

NAF Respirator is recommended for all horses showing signs of compromised lung function caused by mold spores, air borne allergens and dust. Respirator is also recommended where close contact with other horses showing respiratory stress may be cause for concern.

    g per day
Horses   33
  Competition use 66
Ponies   16.5
  Competition use 33

Feed when compromised lung function or dust challenge is seen, to support clear, healthy lungs.

For competition we also recommend additional suport from Respirator Boost.

A 1 kg tub fed at 33 g per day will last 30 days.

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