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Australian 100% natural energised aluminosilicates and ancient montmorillonites.

TuffRock Poultice is a topical preparation and brace. It is the first 100% all-natural product in the world manufactured from molecular reinforced hydrated alumino-silicates.

TuffRock Poultice is generally regarded as safe (GRAS).
Helps recovery from impact injuries, swelling, cuts and abrasions. Soothes and cools extremely quickly by instantly removing heat from damaged areas using the same principals as a plate heat exchanger to reach under the skin and provide relief to areas that need it most.
Horses readily accept poultice application, just apply a small amount to damaged area, step back and let the horse feel the soothing effect, then apply 5–7 mm thick to injured area. Please ensure cover extends to at least 2 inches outside effected area.
Can be used without bandaging, or otherwise apply liberally, cover with damp paper, plastic and lightly wrap. Pressure bandaging is not required.
Can be used to indicate rate of injury recovery or identify problem areas simply by observing wet and dry patterns over 45 minute period. Poultice remains active (damp) longer on injured areas, non-injured areas dry normally.


  1. Use daily for support or as required on any area including legs, lumbar, sciatic, shoulders, flanks, hamstrings, metacarpal, pasterns, wind galls, allergies, and greasy heel
  2. Supports major wound healing (post-op), keeps flies off cuts and helps prevent proud flesh
  3. Provides simple fast relief for muscle, ligament or tendon strains and relieves itching from insects or allergic reactions
  4. Excellent support for racing, endurance, showjumping and polo
  5. Extra energy added for almost instantaneous action on swelling
  6. Easy-to-apply, sticks to injured areas, water-based for closer skin contact
  7. Fast removal, simply hose off, does not stick to bandages
  8. When used as a paint, problems areas remain damp to focus treatment


  • World’s first energised volcanic poultice made from TuffRock’s patented technology and formula of all-Australian, all-natural, ancient alumino-silicates and montmorillinite
  • Fantastic for daily use as a preventative to shore up legs and muscles
  • Apply directly onto wounds including major cuts to support fast healing

Clean area of all foreign matter. Apply an even 5 mm thick layer every 12-24 hours. Can be used without bandaging. If bandaging, apply poultice, then moist paper, plastic and a light cotton wrap. Fast removal - simply hose off!



I cannot speak highly enough of the TuffRock Poultice, it is so much superior to any product on the world market you cannot compare the difference. We compete with 6 horses at any one time and I have tried every poultice, ice wrap or bandage from all corners of the globe including USA, UK, Sweden and Australia then I discovered early this year this new energised volcanic poultice from TuffRock. There is nothing like it anywhere in the world. I have seen it heal some incredible wounds that could not be stitched and I have experienced how good this has been for my horses. Anyone who cares for their horses should have this product.

Regina Buchanan, Showjumping



TuffRock’s energised poultice is absolutely amazing. I have never in my entire career with polo all over the world seen or heard about a better product. It is so simple and easy to use yet delivers results when I need them during tournament play. A fantastic product.

Lyn Wood, Australian Polo Groom (32 years experience at elite competition)



We have been using TuffRock Poultice since January 2005 and have extensively trialled this product hundreds of times comparing it to all others. During this time we watched TuffRock improve the formulae until its release in March 2006 and can understand why as fast as they make this poultice it sells. It is incredibly good for everyday use, after fast track work and is excellent for pre-training young horses. I have seen how it work 10 times faster on injuries compared to any other product even during the hottest summer conditions in Australia. I cannot recommend TuffRock Poultice highly enough; it is simply the best product in the world!

Graeme Spackman, Berrima's leading trainer



Best poultice I’ve ever seen in 51 years training horses ...... I have tried this product with success on my horses and seen the excellent (overnight) results from my colleagues who use it. We have used this product on many different injured areas including back sciatic and lumbar areas, shoulders, legs, heels, pasterns, flanks and even around the stifle (with no chaffing). It really works well and I can only recommend it as the best I’ve ever seen, every stable should have a tub!

Peter Roach, ex-Sydney legendary throughbred trainer

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