Pegasus Health NatureBute® Powder

Made in the UK
Pegasus Health NatureBute® Powder from Pegasus HealthPegasus Health NatureBute® Powder from Pegasus Health
Pegasus Health NatureBute® Powder from Pegasus Health
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100% pure Boswellia serrata. No added bulkers or fillers.

Processed in a laboratory licensed under the UK Medicines Act 1968. GMP or ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’ - a series of strict procedures observed during the processing of this product.


Natural anti-inflammatory for horses
NatureBute® contains 100% Boswellia serrata, to support the musculoskeletal system and maintain optimum mobility.

On its own - or in combination with other ingredients – boswellia for horses offers a gentle, natural solution for hard-working joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. NatureBute® supports the body’s natural anti-inflammatory and pain mechanisms/responses. In addition, Boswellia serrata does not have the damaging effects on cartilage that long-term use of medical treatments can have.  

NatureBute® soothes the gastrointestinal tract, helps maintain normal colon function and supports good respiratory health. NatureBute® is available to buy as a fine powder or a concentrated liquid, to be administered orally and mixed with the feed.

One big advantage of supplementing your horse's diet with NatureBute® is that many owners report positive effects very quickly - within four to five days for most and within ten for others.

NatureBute® is:

  • A natural product
  • Safe for long-term use
  • Safe for competition use

Feed NatureBute® boswellia for horses to:

  • Aid maintenance of the body’s natural anti-inflammatory mechanisms/responses
  • Aid maintenance of the body’s natural pain mechanisms/responses
  • Maintain suppleness and freedom of movement
  • Nutritionally support ligament, tendon and joint health
  • Naturally sustain joint elasticity and all-round mobility
  • Support the structures of the feet
  • Support colon health and firm-up loose droppings
  • Soothe compromised breathing


This is not Phenylbutazone.

  g per day
Scoops per day
Heavy horse (700 kg and over) 30-40 3-4
Horse (400-700 kg) 20-30 2-3
Pony (up to 400 kg) 10-20 1-2

A 1 kg tub fed at 25 g per day will last 40 days.

Pegasus Horse Supplements Ltd does not recommend loading this feed supplement as there is no evidence-based reason to do so.

Natural pain-relief for horses
NatureBute® is derived from the gum resin of the Boswellia serrata tree, long-valued for its ability to support the musculoskeletal system and maintain optimum mobility. Extracts from boswellia gum have been traditionally used in the Ayurvedic system for a whole range of activities that have since been the focus of research. How Boswellia serrata for horses works is now well understood, with a great deal of in vitro studies carried out and reported in scientific literature. Clinical trials with human patients have also been carried out, with good results.

NatureBute® contains active ingredients commonly referred to as boswellic acids which are believed to significantly support joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons.

On its own - or in combination with other ingredients - boswellia for horses (also known as ‘nature’s bute for horses) offers a gentle, natural solution for hard-working joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. NatureBute® supports the body’s natural anti-inflammatory and pain mechanisms/responses.

Medical treatments for horse joints are well-known to cause a disruption in the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans - key structural components of joint cartilage. This leads in the long term to an acceleration in joint degradation and arthritis. Boswellia serrata does not have this damaging effect on cartilage.

NatureBute® is gentle on the gastrointestinal tract and has been shown to be very useful in maintaining normal colonic function, have a soothing effect on the entire digestive tract, and supports good respiratory health. NatureBute® is available to buy as a fine powder or a concentrated liquid, to be administered orally and mixed with the feed.    

Are you feeding the best joint supplement for your horse?
There are a huge number of horse joint supplements out there - but check the ingredients to make sure they can be effective. Just as important, check the amount of each ingredient per daily serving.

Daily servings of a few hundred milligrams of vitamin C or tens of milligrams of manganese will not make any difference to a balanced diet in a healthy horse - who should already be ingesting at least 400 mg of manganese daily and should be producing his own supply of vitamin C.

Extra vitamin C may be necessary for a sick, old or stressed horse, but to be effective it needs to be fed at a rate of 5-15 g daily.

Joint supplement ingredient levels 
for a 500 kg horse 
Ideal amount per day Minimum amount per day
grams milligrams grams milligrams
Boswellia 21 21,000 7 7,000
Chondroitin sulphate 5 5,000 2.5 2,500
Glucosamine hydrochloride 12.5 12,500 6.25 6,250
Glucosamine sulphate 16.8 16,800 8.4 8,400
Green lipped muscle extract (GLME) 12.5 12,500 12.5 12,500
Hyaluronic acid (HA) 0.1 100 0.08 80
Methylsulphonylmethane (MSM) 10 10,000 5 5,000

Look at the product label to make sure each daily serving supplies enough active ingredients. The table above lists the amounts of active ingredients needed. To calculate amounts per daily serving where they are given per kilogram, divide the daily serving by 1000 and then multiply this by the amount of active ingredient in 1 kg.

Pegasus joint supplements include the most appropriate ingredients, provided at effective levels in each recommended serving. With Pegasus joint supplements, you know that the numbers add up for you and your horse.



I promised I would get back to you about the results. I should tell you that my horse has both arthritis and a tendon problem, as well as a sensitive gut, so when I started giving the boswellia I started with 10 grams to see if he would eat it, and if so, if he didn't respond oversensitively with diarrhea or somthing, I could start to give more. After 2 weeks of 10 grams I didn't notice any difference, good or bad haha so I raised the level to 20 grams.

Because of the tendon injury we were just walking him a bit, so I didn't see him trot or anything until yesterday when we were at the vet clinic. He was then 2.5 weeks on the 20 grams dose. When we let him trot on the lunge both me, the vet and my mum were amazed, we haven't seen him walk like this at all this whole year! And his tendon isn't totally healed yet! I have to walk him for 4 more weeks and then can start trotting a little bit, so I hope he will stay sound and I we can start training again!

What I also noticed was when walking him, before the boswellia I could hear my horse fall on the left shoulder. Now when he walks, it sounds 'even again and smooth. So I really think it's helping him and I hope that the swelling in his left front leg will also go down, because I read in your reviews it reduces swelling. But it's been only 2.5 weeks so who knows!

I will definitely recommend this product to my friends, I also posted on facebook about it hehe ;)

Malin van der Beek, December 2014



I use this on my 18 yr old TB mare when she needs it as she has a few joint issues and arthritis, i will never go back to anything else now as this is fantastic, thanks to this I don't need to put my mare on bute or anything else. What a God send!!!

Amy Yeldham, July 2013



Just a product that has done wonders for my mare who has had numerous issues including boney spurs in both hocks and arthritis in her back! She is now doing better than EVER so happy and she is as she is now full of herself which is just lovely to see and feel when riding!

Thank you .

kelly hussey , December 2012



I have an older thoroughbred mare who has some arthritis in her legs but this has been a god send, it has enabled us both to continue competitions as normal.

I noticed a change within a month.

I now swear by it which I never thought I would say, so thank you to Pegasus for this fantastic thing!

Amy Yeldham, November 2012



We started with NatureBute Powder a few months ago and have recently tried NatureBute Solution. This review is of both supplements and our experience using them on a variety of horses.

Our 27yo TB old was on anything up to 2 sachets of danilon a day to keep him comfortable. He has a few issues, arthritis, Cushing's syndrome and he managed to tear the semitendinosus muscle a few years back. So we can safely say he needed danilon to keep him comfortable, he is a retired horse so his health and happiness was foremost in our minds.

We had to find an alternative to feeding danilon. We tried most of the other alternative products on the market and found they only helped slightly and because of this we had to keep the danilon going along side them. Then we found NatureBute and it was like a god send, after the first week of being fed NatureBute he was for the first time in 4 years completely off danilon and very happy and well.

It’s so nice not having to feed danilon long-term, the fact that NatureBute is a natural alternative and is actually helpful for the colon is such a bonus. It’s also costing us a lot less than danilon. From our vets danilon is over £65 for a box of 60 which only lasted us one month. With his Cushing’s medication on top he was managing to cost me a small fortune. But now my bank balance is also healthier thanks to NatureBute.

We have recently swapped to using NatureBute Solution and it is definitely faster-acting than the powder. It also seems stronger. We are only feeding him 25 ml a day as well so it’s a tiny amount. He is a particularly fussy feeder and will pick through feeds if he thinks it’s been laced. But we haven’t had any feeding problems with either NatureBute Powder or Solution. NatureBute Solution is great for horses who are fussy with powders in their feed as such a small amount is needed but it has such a great effect. I couldn’t believe how little I needed to feed daily.

We don’t just use NatureBute for our old horses though, we have found it extremely useful for our dressage horses. One thing we noticed after using NatureBute on the dressage horses was how much more freedom and suppleness they had in their work. I found Castle Troy who is a 12yo KWPN working at Adv. level dressage and competing at Medium hard to properly get him swinging through in his back & relax. Since feeding him Pegasus Health’s NatureBute he really comes through much quicker and feels softer throughout his body. Castle Troy is a high maintenance horse, he not only suffers ulcers and gut related issue’s he also managed to severely damage his impar ligament and deep digital flexor tendon (DDFT). We really need a product that supports him fully but one that won’t irritate his already sensitive gut and NatureBute does this.

I honestly can’t recommend these products highly enough! We have seen such vast improvements in all our horses here at Carrie Turner Dressage and we wouldn’t be without them now. Anyone looking for alternative supplements to help their horse/s should try NatureBute Powder or Solution for even faster-acting results!

Carrie Turner, November 2012



I love this product and my big, old Irish Draft/TBX does too. He has his problems - a shiver, arthritis and has to be barefoot - but since putting him on NatureBute he is back to his normal, cantankerous self! The other, a connemara, has had tendon trouble and he too has responded very well.

Val Ruddick, July 2012



Last year my horse was diagnosed with bone spavins and side bone and went lame in front and behind. I tried many supplements with no great success until I came across NatureBute. After a few days of being on the supplement I noticed a big improvement and he is now happily hacking out again. I would definitely recommend NatureBute to any horse suffering from arthritis.

Trudi Cranmer, April 2012



I would just like to say how impressed I am with your product NatureBute! I have a 15.2 hh, 20-year-old, IDxTB mare who is insulin-resistant, has COPD and has also suffered from laminitis. In recent weeks she has had pulses in her front feet, but was not sore when shod. My vet thought it was probably more arthritic changes in her feet rather than to do with her insulin, so put her on bute paste. But things didn't really improve and she had a COPD flare up at same time so I had to get her out in the fresh air. Watching her totter about, even though she was on bute, was hard to watch. I decided that I didn't want her on bute long term because I was worried about side effects so I bought a tub of NatureBute to try instead. By day two I was already seeing an improvement in her whole body, her gait, and even her eyes looked brighter! By day five, the ground in the field was like a brick, and I thought she would definitely be sore without the bute paste, but to my amazement she walked out fantastically and even had a run around the field which she had not been doing! I am so pleased that I decided to give your product a try! I will be recommending this to others, and may even try my younger mare on it for her clicky joints. Thank you very much!

Christina Scott, January 2012



My husband had already been using NatureBute on his 18hh Irish sports horse, Bailey, and had found a remarkable difference especially when out hunting. So I purchased a tub for my mare to try.

Firstly, great service! I received my order within two days.

Frankly, I was sceptical as I have in the past tried various joint and pain-relieving supplements, but this product is FANTASTIC.

I used it, at the recommended dose, on Rosie my nine-year-old Welsh Cross mare, who competes in Affiliated British Dressage at Novice/Elementary level. Being a heavy mare there is a lot of strain placed on her joints when we are practicing lateral movements e.g. shoulder in etc. required during a test. Therefore I was looking for a supplement that would make her more comfortable and able to perform, but was also naturally produced.

I really noticed the difference when the countryside was blanketed in snow and therefore Rosie had enforced box rest. Normally her joints would be swollen and she would walk out in the morning stiff and pottery. Since using NatureBute there had been a significant difference. No more stiffness, she is bouncing around like a two-year-old especially out of hack. Rosie feels much more supple and is working through from her back. In fact at our first dressage competition this year (after a break over Christmas due to the weather) Rosie won the Novice class with 74% - a brilliant score.

NatureBute is palatable for fussy eaters, and in comparison to other supplements offers great value for money. One tub goes a long way. I really like the fact that it supports the body's natural anti-inflammatory mechanisms/responses and have recommended it to another livery owner on the yard who just started using it on her elderly Spanish mare having great results already.

Thanks to all at Pegasus Health for your advice and service. I will definitely be ordering this supplement as an on-going order.

Paula Joyce, February 2011



Fantastic product !!! Would recommend to anyone.

I started using NatureBute after reading a lot about the amazing effects it has for pain relief and various inflammatory conditions in humans and animals.

My show mare had a nasty travelling accident, when someone was transporting her to a show for me and failed to stop at a stationary vehicle on the road. The accident left my mare with a shattered hock. My mare was very lame and in the end had to have an operation. Luckily the operation was very successful, however due to the damage that was caused to the hock, it developed two soft lumps either side of it, which was a build-up of vial fluid, which indicated the trauma to the hock joint.

I tried many joint supplements on the market, including Equine America Buteless. However, although they reduced the inflammation, the lumps on the hocks were still visible.

I then put her on NatureBute. I would say my mare was on NatureBute for two weeks and I noticed a dramatic difference!! Firstly she was not stiff at all in anyway and the hock stop clicking, but also amazingly the lumps on the hock had totally disappeared!! I almost could not believe the results!!

My mare has now been on NatureBute a number of months and is now only on a low dose of 10 g a day. She is back in full work and back on the showing circuit doing very well indeed.

I can't thank Pegasus Health enough!! Fantastic product and service.

Rachael Holmes, January 2011

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