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Chamomile flower (Matricaria chamomilla).

Chamomile for horses is a popular, powerful but natural herb which supports your horse’s nervous system while simultaneously maintaining good digestive health.

Many horses process anxiety through their sensitive digestive systems and as a result can have loose droppings when they are upset by changes in routine, travelling or other aspects of life and work.

The active constituents within camomile for horses have soothing properties - to help support a healthy digestive tract, especially in anxious horses and ponies.

Chamomile flowers for horses has a relaxing effect. Many owners love it because it is such a natural way of supporting the nervous system and promoting calmness.

Chamomile flower contains:
  • Antioxidant flavonoids
  • Calcium
  • Iron 
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Oils
  • Potassium
  • Zinc

Benefits of chamomile for horses:

  • Support a balanced nervous system, especially for anxious horses and ponies
  • Support digestive tract health when under stress
  • Help maintain weight and coat condition when under stress
  • Support natural skin health - when made into a tea and applied externally
  • Horses and ponies embarking on new training regimes or different ways of working

  g per day
Horses and ponies

A 1.5 kg tub fed at 30 g per day will last 50 days.

Chamomile - or camomile tea horses - is the popular name for a group of daisy-like flowers which originated in Europe and Asia. They are most closely associated with being the key ingredient in a tea which is said to promote restful sleep and ease stress in people. Similarly, the flower can be made into a supplement which is said to have the ability to relax and calm horses under stress.

Chamomile is part of the Asteraceae plant family, which also includes the Chrysanthemum and ragweed. The name ‘chamomile’ originally comes from a Greek phrase which means ‘ground apple’. Chamomile does indeed have a taste and scent reminiscent of apples.

Camomile horses is valued by many owners as a natural calmative.

Importantly, Chamomile flower for horses can also help support a nervous horse's digestion. Worry and stress can affect gut function in many horses, leading to wetter and more frequent droppings. Chamomile has a calming soothing effect.

Chamomile tea horses has a long history of use in Europe for supporting digestion and was popular for this reason with both the Ancient Egyptians and the Romans.
 Chamomile flower is also a nutritionally-sound supplement, with high levels of calcium, magnesium - which is vital to muscle health - iron, potassium, zinc and manganese.

The calming properties of both magnesium and potassium are evidenced by the fact that they combine in another popular natural calming horse supplement. Pegasus MagCalm.

Pegasus Chamomile Flower is the Matricaria chamomilla variety with no other added ingredients or bulking agents. It is supplied as a dried supplement that can be added directly to the horse’s feed at times of stress or when routines, riding or training patterns are being changed or disturbed. You can also make it into a tea by adding hot water. This liquid can then be used to moisten the feed for horses who find that more palatable. This liquid also makes a soothing wash for wounds or skin conditions - especially ones that involve the skin being irritated and hot.

Owners can also use chamomile flower for horses to make a poultice for bruises or muscle injuries or general aches.



I have used this product with my horse for many years. It is as a natural balancing calmer and particularly useful right now as the spring grass is coming through! He will eat it straight from my hand as a treat and I wouldn't be without this super natural product which has so many benefits.

Carol Scott, February 2014



I cannot recommend this superb, quality product enough. I believe it is a must have for any horse or pony owner. Not only is this a highly-palatable, natural calmer (trust me, it works!), I have also given it to my ponies for muscle tremors/spasms and any sign of loose droppings/diarrhea. It is also a useful anti-inflammatory.

I have never experienced any problems when feeding this my ponies, who are usually fussy feeders, have always taken it out of my hand. It is comforting to know that a natural product can cure and help so many ailments, without the need for nasty chemicals. Just having chamomile in your feed bin, will give you peace of mind; you'll be surprised how much you'll rely on it!

Johanna Meredith, December 2012

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