Pegasus Health FlexiMover®

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Pegasus Health FlexiMover® from Pegasus HealthPegasus Health FlexiMover® from Pegasus Health
Pegasus Health FlexiMover® from Pegasus Health
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4 kg(80-320 days)£109.95

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What's in the pot? 1 kg 2.5 kg  4 kg 
Boswellia serrata 250 g 625 g 1 kg
Ginger (Zingiber officinale) 250 g 625 g 1 kg
Glucosamine hydrochloride 250 g 625 g 1 kg
MSM 250 g 625 g 1 kg

FlexiMover - Tried and Tested

FlexiMover® is a powerful joint supplement with a novel formulation. Older horses who struggle in cold and/or damp weather, becoming stiff, will benefit from the powerful effects of FlexiMover®, and it is also ideal for hard-working horses during time off.

Stabling can exacerbate stiffness in older horses or those with joint challenges, and FlexiMover® is ideal in these cases.

FlexiMover® is a powerful joint supplement for aiding comfort and mobility in hard-working or older horses. FlexiMover® is a blend of FOUR potent ingredients in one great value-for-money product - with no added fillers or bulkers. Our competitive price means you get all this from 75p per day (based on 4 kg/133 day).

FlexiMover® contains:

  1. Boswellia (Boswellia serrata)
  2. Ginger (Zingiber officinale)
  3. Glucosamine hydrochloride
  4. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 

Together, these four joint supportive nutrients work synergistically to give you optimum results in your horse.    

FlexiMover® is:

  • Safe for long-term use
  • Safe for competition use

Feed FlexiMover® to:

  • Older horses with general stiffnesss
  • Older horses who require extra mobility support
  • Older horses who struggle in the cold weather, becoming stiff
  • Hard working horses during time off after injury
  • Naturally sustain joint elasticity and all-round mobility
  • Support musculoskeletal and navicular health
  • Support natural healing after ligament and tendon injury
  • Support the body’s natural anti-inflammatory and pain mechanisms/responses

For best results:
FlexiMover® should be fed with NatureBute® Solution for the fastest, most efficient results. After a month, some horses can be maintained on FlexiMover® alone. NatureBute® Solution can then be added when and if necessary, for extra support. Both are safe to feed together long term.

  g per day
Scoops per day
Heavy horse (700 kg and over) 37.5-50 1.5-2
Horse (400-700 kg) 25-37.5 1-1.5
Pony (up to 400 kg) 12.5-25 0.5-1

A 1 kg tub fed at 30 g per day will last 33 days.

Pegasus Horse Supplements Ltd does not recommend loading this feed supplement as there is no evidence-based reason to do so.

Natural anti-inflammatory for horses
A wide variety of joint supporting compounds are available, some of which are herbs or spices, and some of which are nutraceuticals. Blending both types together gives a novel formulation that provides a powerful joint supplement for all horses. The ingredients used in FlexiMover® are:

  1. Boswellia for horses - a powder made from the gum resin of boswellia trees, containing the active ingredient boswellic acids, to aid the maintenance of the body’s natural anti-inflammatory and pain mechanisms/responses
  2. Ginger for horses - contains powerful active ingredients; it maintains a healthy circulation and has a warming effect
  3. Glucosamine for horses - an easily-absorbed source of a natural amino sugar found in the body which provides the building blocks for healthy joint cartilage
  4. MSM for horses - an excellent source of dietary sulphur, a mineral involved in maintaining good quality collagen, cartilage, hooves, hair, joint fluid and many important enzymes. Sulphur complements the supporting actions of the glucosamine

Glucosamine and boswellia are well-regarded horse supplements in their own right, but together they have even more power to support joints. These powerful ingredients are complemented by MSM and the warming spice ginger. Ginger is a spice that is well known for maintaining supple joints in humans, and it has warming, health promoting properties as well as supporting the efficient circulation of blood. Together, these four joint supportive nutrients work synergistically to give optimum result.

Glucosamine is the most evidence-based of all the joint-supporting compounds and a must for horses of all ages who need extra mobility support. It is ideal to support natural healing after injury. Glucosamine is a crucial building block of cartilage, joint fluid and other joint tissues, supporting supple joints, and it supports the horse's natural anti-inflammatory processes and pain responses.

MSM supports the horse’s natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidants processes, and is a well-known joint-supporting ingredient. It consists of 34% sulphur – a key mineral in connective tissue and joints - and is reported to be one of the least toxic substances in biology.

Natural pain relief for horses
Boswellia and ginger are well known natural solutions for hard-working joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons, due to their effectiveness in supporting the body’s natural anti-inflammatory and pain mechanisms/responses. They also have a variety of other health benefits, including digestive, skin and respiratory supporting actions.

Extracts from boswellia gum or tree resin, namely boswellic acids, have been traditionally used in the Ayurvedic system for a whole range of activities that have since been the focus of research. How boswellia works is now well understood, with a great deal of in vitro studies carried out and reported in scientific literature.

Medical treatments for horse joints are well-known to cause a disruption in the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans - key structural components of joint cartilage. This leads in the longer term to acceleration in joint degradation and arthritis. Boswellia does not have this damaging effect on cartilage.

Ginger has also been traditionally used in the Ayurvedic system, and, like for boswellia, research into a variety of activities has also provided evidence of its usefulness. Its extract contains the active ingredients oleo-resins and oils. Ginger supports the body’s natural anti-inflammatory processes, and it has been the focus of research into joint support in human patients. Compared with a powder, a tincture of ginger concentrates the active components.

Are you feeding the best joint supplement for your horse?
There are a huge number of horse joint supplements out there - but check the ingredients to make sure they can be effective. Just as important, check the amount of each ingredient per daily serving.

Daily servings of a few hundred milligrams of vitamin C or tens of milligrams of manganese will not make any difference to a balanced diet in a healthy horse - who should already be ingesting at least 400 mg of manganese daily and should be producing his own supply of vitamin C.

Extra vitamin C may be necessary for a sick, old or stressed horse, but to be effective it needs to be fed at a rate of 5-15 g daily.

Joint supplement ingredient levels 
for a 500 kg horse 
Ideal amount per day Minimum amount per day
grams milligrams grams milligrams
Boswellia 21 21,000 7 7,000
Chondroitin sulphate 5 5,000 2.5 2,500
Glucosamine hydrochloride 12.5 12,500 6.25 6,250
Glucosamine sulphate 16.8 16,800 8.4 8,400
Green lipped muscle extract (GLME) 12.5 12,500 12.5 12,500
Hyaluronic acid (HA) 0.1 100 0.08 80
Methylsulphonylmethane (MSM) 10 10,000 5 5,000

Look at the product label to make sure each daily serving supplies enough active ingredients. The table above lists the amounts of active ingredients needed. To calculate amounts per daily serving where they are given per kilogram, divide the daily serving by 1000 and then multiply this by the amount of active ingredient in 1 kg.

Pegasus joint supplements include the most appropriate ingredients, provided at effective levels in each recommended serving. With Pegasus joint supplements, you know that the numbers add up for you and your horse.



My 19 year old ex polo pony often suffers from stiffness in her front legs, she finds hard or uneven ground uncomfortable, and if she charges around too much, she often comes up lame the next day. When she first came to me, she went lame almost immediately, we had to give her a couple of weeks of box rest, using a selection of drugs and joint supplements, and since then we have been very careful about where and how fast and long we ride her.

We recently put her in a 6 acre field with two other mares, they had a wonderful time galloping back and forth, twisting, turning and generally playing together. My mare felt very uncomfortable afterwards and we thought she would be off work for weeks. I hacked her out 5 days later and she was very happy, wanting to trot and not stopping until asked, she felt comfortable on the road and managed the bumpy bits without complaint.

I started giving her FlexiMover at the beginning of the very hot weather in June. She had been stumbling in the school and was feeling very sore. I did not think it would make much difference, but was willing to try it. I am very happy to be proved wrong, once it had worked through her system, I found it really made a difference. Although she still suffers stiffness, she definitely recovers more quickly. I am still careful about where we go, and how fast, but I am surprised each time by how quickly she recovers. The fact that I could ride her within a week of galloping round the field is a clear reflection of the success of FlexiMover. I will definitely be buying it again if it can keep her comfortable and reduce recovery time.

Horse & Rider Magazine, November 2013



I have older horses and the difference that this product has made is amazing! My older ponies are now cantering and playing in the field like spring lambs! When ridden they are more lively and energetic than I have seen for a long time; my 26 year old exmoor is back to jumping cross country! I have now put all of my horses onto this supplement as I believe that much in it - and I have 12 horses so it is not a small fiinancial decision! I cannot recommend this product enough!

Mandy Chinn, August 2012



Having competed horses for many years and tried a number of joint supplements I must admit I was naive to have not come across FlexiMover before.

Having commenced feeding this product as a result of a visit to BETA in February 2012, I can honestly say my horses have never been in better shape. Competing all year round can take its toll on athletic extravagantly moving animals and I have always been keen to ensure as a result, that they receive the supplementary support they deserve. I can honestly say that I have been more than impressed with FlexiMover and believe I have found the product that provides the support I’ve been searching for.

Four championship wins out of four at the Winter Championships this year, the first show of the season with increased elasticity means I now have the whole team on it. They have never felt better and the fluidity in their movement is clear for all to see.

In addition, the information and advice I have received before feeding the product and since from Pegasus has been of an exemplary standard and I can’t recommend them enough.

Emma Wilde, April 2012



Since feeding FlexiMover my top horse has not had a fence down! I supplement FlexiMover to my horses in harder, more strenuous work. When you expect the most from your horses, whether in competition or intense training it is great to be reassured that their joints are as supple and as well maintained as they can be. This in my mind is one the most important aspects of looking after the well-being of your horse, if you are working their joints hard then they need something to help. FlexiMover is completely natural, with no fillers or bulking agents so I can be sure my horses are getting pure natural supplements.

Anna Edwards, Showjumper, December 2011

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