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Pegasus Health Limestone Flour from Pegasus Health
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Limestone flour (calcium carbonate).

Limestone flour for horses is a popular and economic way of supplementing your horse with calcium - which is essential for the healthy growth and maintenance of teeth, bones and hooves, essential for healthy functioning of the muscles, the heart and the nervous system, as well as supporting all-round general good health.

Calcium ensures strong, true skeleton development and keeps teeth resilient and healthy. Calcium is also important for blood clotting, good muscle function and the regulation and balancing of many enzymes in the body.

Finely-ground limestone flour is a rich source of calcium carbonate obtained from the rocks known as limestone.

Feed to:

  • Mares in the latter stages of pregnancy
  • Lactating mares
  • All horses – especially hard-working horses - on cereal-based diets
  • Young horses who are still growing

  g per day
Horses and ponies

A 4 kg tub fed at 45 g per day will last 88 days.

Limestone flour for horses is an equine supplement made from the naturally-occurring mineral called limestone - also known as calcium carbonate - by grinding it down to create a flour-like powder.

Many traditional equine diet staples, such as oats, bran and barley, cause an imbalance in the optimum ratio of calcium to phosphorus needed for robust horse health and performance.

Calcium and phosphorus work closely together, and horses need about twice as much calcium in the diet as phosphorus (a 2:1 calcium to phosphorus ratio).

Cereals typically contain four times as much phosphorus to calcium (a 1:4 calcium to phosphorus ratio) while bran has a ratio of around 1:11 calcium to phosphorus.

This means that with its rich calcium content, limestone flour for horses is a necessary supplement for horses on a high concentrate or cereal-based diet.

Limestone flour for horses can also be useful as a source of extra calcium for mares in the latter stages of pregnancy or when lactating.

Bones are the main area where a horse’s body stores calcium. The bones of a horse are usually around 35% calcium. When the body is running low on calcium, the stores in the bones are quickly withdrawn which can lead to bone weakness.

Calcium carbonate, or limestone, is a common substance found in rock in all parts of the world, and is the main constituent of the shells of marine organisms like snails and pearls as well as eggshells.

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