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99.9% distilled flaked methylsulfonylmethane. No added bulkers or fillers.

MSM for horses is known as one of the most effective horse supplements for supporting healthy mobile joints, respiration, healthy coats, hooves and cartilage. It is also an incredibly safe compound.

The three most-common reasons for horse owners to supplement MSM are:

  1. Joint health - several pre-clinical and clinical studies cite the effectiveness of MSM in supporting good joint health and mobility. Research points to the ability of MSM to support healthy cartilage
  2. Respiratory health - MSM supports upper and lower respiratory health and aids the body's natural responses to seasonal allergies
  3. Hoof health - MSM is a rich source of sulphur which is a key building block for healthy hooves

Pegasus Pure MSM is an excellent source of dietary sulphur - a mineral involved in maintaining good quality collagen, cartilage, hooves, hair, joint fluid and many important enzymes. Researchers have shown that the sulphur in MSM does find its way into the sulphur-containing amino acids in the body.

Pure MSM is:

  • Safe for long-term use
  • Safe for competition use

Feed Pure MSM to:

  • All horses, to support healthy joints and good mobility
  • Horses who are likely to need extra joint support in the future
  • Ageing horses, to maintain good mobility
  • Hard-working horses to help maintain a healthy musculoskeletal system and support comfortable joint mobility
  • Support and maintain good hoof health
  • Horses who need nutritional support for lung function

  g per day
Scoops per day
Heavy horse (700 kg and over) 30-40 3-4
Horse (400-700 kg) 20-30 2-3
Pony (up to 400 kg) 10-20 1-2

A 1 kg tub fed at 25 g per day will last 40 days.

Pegasus Horse Supplements Ltd does not recommend loading this feed supplement as there is no evidence-based reason to do so.

Are you feeding the best joint supplement for your horse?
There are a huge number of horse joint supplements out there - but check the ingredients to make sure they can be effective. Just as important, check the amount of each ingredient per daily serving.

Daily servings of a few hundred milligrams of vitamin C or tens of milligrams of manganese will not make any difference to a balanced diet in a healthy horse - who should already be ingesting at least 400 mg of manganese daily and should be producing his own supply of vitamin C.

Extra vitamin C may be necessary for a sick, old or stressed horse, but to be effective it needs to be fed at a rate of 5-15 g daily.

Joint supplement ingredient levels 
for a 500 kg horse 
Ideal amount per day Minimum amount per day
grams milligrams grams milligrams
Boswellia 21 21,000 7 7,000
Chondroitin sulphate 5 5,000 2.5 2,500
Glucosamine hydrochloride 12.5 12,500 6.25 6,250
Glucosamine sulphate 16.8 16,800 8.4 8,400
Green lipped muscle extract (GLME) 12.5 12,500 12.5 12,500
Hyaluronic acid (HA) 0.1 100 0.08 80
Methylsulphonylmethane (MSM) 10 10,000 5 5,000

Look at the product label to make sure each daily serving supplies enough active ingredients. The table above lists the amounts of active ingredients needed. To calculate amounts per daily serving where they are given per kilogram, divide the daily serving by 1000 and then multiply this by the amount of active ingredient in 1 kg.

Pegasus joint supplements include the most appropriate ingredients, provided at effective levels in each recommended serving. With Pegasus joint supplements, you know that the numbers add up for you and your horse.



Since I put all of my competition horses on to your PurforMSM the difference has been amazing. I have always fed MSM to support their joints internally and never expected it to outwardly make any difference to my horses’ way of going - it never has with other manufacturer's products. However since I started using your PurforMSM there has been a noticeable difference to all of my horses' levels of athleticism.

Over the past 10 years I have fed a variety of pure MSM supplements from some very well known and reputable companies. However it wasn’t until I visited your website that I became aware that there was MORE than one type. All of the varieties I have used previously have always stated that the product was 100% pure MSM, which I have never doubted, but having now used your PurforMSM I am really conscious that the quality and the product grades can be vastly different. It’s also interesting that PurforMSM is able to state exactly how it is manufactured, and many other companies do not provide this information. Having been so impressed with your product I did research the brands I had used previously and without exception they did not use a manufacturing process as sophisticated and controlled as that of PurforMSM.

I am completely convinced that the high grade quality of PurforMSM is not only better for my horses' joints but also vastly better value when compared with the other ‘pure’ varieties available. My horses are the walking proof. I will not be using any other make from now on. Thank you!!

Lei Sweetland, January 2012

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