Vanner & Prest® Neatsfoot Compound

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Vanner & Prest® Neatsfoot Compound from Pegasus Health
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  • Neatsfoot oil
  • Mineral oil

Leather contains moisturising and lubricating oils which were added in the tanning process. These oils are gradually lost as the leather is used. The once plump and flexible fibres of leather gradually become thinner and more rigid.

Instead of flexing and stretching, the fibres become tight and stiff. In a similar fashion to bending a piece of metal repeatedly, they will eventually weaken and break, causing cracks.

Using an oil such as Vanner & Prest® Neatsfoot Compound will revitalise the fibres in the leather so that they can move freely again, much like oiling an engine.

As a guide, apply one or two thin layers to the absorbent flesh side of the leather. The leather will become strong again, less brittle and less likely to snap.

Ensure leather is clean, then apply a thin layer to the flesh side of leather and allow to soak in. If required, also apply a thin layer to the grain side. Re-apply if leather still appears stiff, taking care not to over-oil. Not suitable for aniline or untreated leather, suede or nubuck. Test on a hidden area before use. Results are immediate.

If used on a monthly basis, 500 ml will last up to 6 months.

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