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No Moody No®

Powerful fast-acting chasteberry
tincture for moody hormonal mares



To support a healthy stomach
and aid natural healing
after ulcers



To support the body’s
natural anti-inflammatory
and pain mechanisms

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FlexiMover® 10:10

FlexiMover® 10:10 is the ideal choice for all working horses, to supply building blocks for healthy joint cartilage. Feed it long term, before mobility is limited.

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1 review

£32.49 £24.37

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HorseSource Seabuckthorn

Supports the entire digestive tract, immunity, skin and coat.


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Equine Premium Gut Balancer

A targeted premium probiotic supplement for digestive wellbeing!

£15.95 £14.36

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Equilibrium Therapy® Massage Mitt

Helps to promote relaxation, improve flexibility and improve muscle condition.

£95.00 £87.88

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LaminTec 5-HT

The natural answer to laminitis.

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1 review

£29.95 £28.45

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Equilibrium Equi-Chaps® Hardy Chaps

Offer protection from over reaches, knocks and grazes.

£54.95 £50.83

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Hooflex® Natural Dressing & Conditioner

Enhances hoof colour without chemicals or dyes. Deep conditions for a natural shine.

£11.95 £11.35

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Equine America Bleader Gard Powder

Essential support to the lungs and blood vessels during strenuous exercise.

£47.50 £45.13

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Farriers Finish®

Active against a wide spectrum of 'hoof eating' bacteria and fungal invasions which cause poor hoof quality.

£23.95 £22.75

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Farriers Formula®

Provides nutrients to support strong structural and connective tissue for healthy hooves.

£37.50 £33.75

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Vitamin E 2000

Formulated to provide the extra natural vitamin E required by horses in a variety of situations; most commonly hard working horses, breeding stock and those without access to green forage.


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Effol® Horse-Fly-Blocker +

Extra strong horsefly repellent spray. Protects from horse flies, ticks, mosquitoes and flies.

£3.50 £3.33

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To support and maintain a healthy stomach, and to aid natural healing after ulcers.


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Canter® Mane and Tail

The original award-winning, long-lasting conditioner also reduces hair breakage.

£11.70 £11.12

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Flax/linseed oil for horses

100% pure cold-pressed oil from flax seeds grown and harvested in Yorkshire.

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2 reviews

£21.00 £18.90

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TopSpec All-in-One

The most fully-comprehensive supplement you can buy.

£27.50 £26.13


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