Flax Oil

100% pure
cold-pressed oil from
flax seeds grown and
harvested in Yorkshire

From £18.90


No Moody No®

A powerful herbal tonic for
moody and hormonal

From £16.95



To support the body’s
natural anti-inflammatory
and pain mechanism

From £17.96


Pegasus Health is renowned as a one-stop shop for top quality horse supplements and supplies. It's a name you can trust and a guarantee that you're doing the best you can for your horse - and at the same time, get the best value for money.

Every horse is unique and every horse deserves the best. At Pegasus Health, we've spent more than 20 years working with and listening to owners, trainers and riders from every discipline and activity at every level.

Our customers include international competitors, owners who ride purely for pleasure and everyone in between.

You care about your horse. So do we.

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The Pegasus Panel

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Clare MacLeod - independent equine nutritionist

Clare MacLeod

Clare MacLeod MSc RNutr is one of the UK's few registered independent equine nutritionists and is also an expert on health and fitness. Clare is a hands-on horse owner and is passionate about correct nutrition as a foundation for good health. Clare's blog »

Clare MacLeod - independent equine nutritionist

Graham Duncanson

Graham Duncanson BVSc MSc(VetGP) DProf FRCVS has many years of expertise here and abroad. He has treated everything from camels to horses and is passionate about equine dentistry. His other special areas of expertise are equine dermatology and poisons. Graham's blog »

Clare MacLeod - independent equine nutritionist

Carolyn Henderson

Carolyn Henderson is a freelance journalist for national publications and organisations, the author of many equestrian books and a horse owner and rider. Her passions are working with young horses and the correct use of tack and equipment. Carolyn's blog »

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