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Powerful fast-acting valerian
tincture for anxious or
nervous horses



A balanced daily feed
supplement for all
horses and ponies



To support the body’s
natural anti-inflammatory
and pain mechanisms

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NAF In The Pink Powder

Feed when the diet needs balancing with micronutrients and key gut support.

£18.95 £18.00

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Pure MSM for horses

The highest-quality distilled MSM to promote healthier joints, respiratory health, coat and hooves.

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1 review


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Horseman's One Step®

Leather cleaner and conditioner that lifts and removes dirt and sweat.

£7.50 £7.13

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NatureBute® Solution

Powerful fast-acting Boswellia serrata, ginger and turmeric tincture to support the body’s natural anti-inflammatory and pain mechanisms/responses.

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5 reviews


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NAF Mare, Foal & Youngstock

To care for the specific requirements of the growing foal, young horse and broodmare.

£23.50 £22.33

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Carr Day Martin Dreamcoat®

Produces the ultimate high gloss non-greasy finish.

£11.70 £11.12

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The Mitt® and Miss Mitt®

A patented, innovative way to apply insect repellents, leather and grooming products.

£13.95 £13.25

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Equilibrium Tri-Zone® Airlite Impact Sports Boots

A highly-protective boot which is very light, flexible and breathable!

£59.95 £55.45

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Equine Premium Gut Balancer

A targeted premium probiotic supplement for digestive wellbeing!

£15.95 £15.15

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Hoof Power Xtra biotin for horses

The ultimate hoof supplement with the highest levels of active ingredients on the market!


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NAF GastriVet

Ideal for all competition horses including those with a predisposition to ulcers.

£75.00 £67.50

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Supreme Products Sparkle

A superior mane and tail dressing which produces body, glamour and shine.


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Equine America CUSHINS Crumbles

To assist ponies and older horses in supporting their natural hormone level, enabling a more healthy life.

£29.99 £26.99

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leovet® Summer Oil-Gel

For an improved moisture level and a stronger hoof horn.

£9.50 £9.03

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Effective against a wide range of bacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses.


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NAF General Purpose Supplement

Supplement to help keep your horse feeling good and looking great.

£11.95 £11.35


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Boswellia serrata

Boswellia, also known as frankincense, is the gummy resin of the medium sized deciduous Boswellia serrata tree. It’s becoming a more popular ingredient for human, dog and horse joint supplements, and has recently been mentioned as having benefits in a Cochrane review of oral herbal therapies for treating osteoarthritis.

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A happy horse means a happy rider

Pegasus understands horses, and we understand the value of a first class diet in improving equine health and performance. Our business is dedicated to helping you give your horse all he needs for a happy healthy life.

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