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No Moody No®

Powerful fast-acting chasteberry
tincture for moody hormonal mares



A balanced daily feed
supplement for all
horses and ponies


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Equine America Shaker Gard

To support the delicate nerves in the head and nose.


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Seaweed & Rosehip

Two of nature's richest sources of key nutrients and vitamins.


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Equine Premium Gut Balancer

A targeted premium probiotic supplement for digestive wellbeing!

£15.95 £14.36

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FlexiMover® GOLD

FlexiMover® GOLD is a must after injury, and for young horses of any age who need support for their orthopaedic development. It is safe to feed to horses and ponies of any age, so is ideal for the very young, who require extra support.

£41.50 £35.28

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Keratex Zeolite

A BREAKTHROUGH in supplementary feeding. A new way of feeding your horse.

£12.95 £12.30

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NatureBute® Solution

Powerful fast-acting boswellia, ginger and turmeric tincture to support the body’s natural anti-inflammatory and pain mechanisms/responses.

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5 reviews


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Carr Day Martin MF PRO

The ultimate Winter skin protection kit.

£49.50 £47.03

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Powerful fast-acting milk thistle seed tincture to support new liver cell growth.


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TopSpec All-in-One

The most fully-comprehensive supplement you can buy.

£27.50 £26.13

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leovet® Summer Oil-Gel

For an improved moisture level and a stronger hoof horn.

£9.50 £9.03

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fleximunch® fabulously flexible

fleximunch® 'fabulously flexible for extra joint support' with glucosamine, MSM, rosehip, ginger and boswellia


£275.00 £254.38

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Farriers Formula®

Provides nutrients to support strong structural and connective tissue for healthy hooves.

£37.50 £33.75

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Effective against a wide range of bacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses.


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Equilibrium Tri-Zone® Airlite Impact Sports Boots

A highly-protective boot which is very light, flexible and breathable!

£59.95 £55.45

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Powerful fast-acting valerian tincture for anxious or nervous horses, and for helping horses to cope with stressful periods.

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2 reviews



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Questions and quality control

Hard on the heels of the contaminated feed issue, where the Queen’s racehorse Estimate was amongst those banned after testing positive to morphine, comes the news that New Zealand event rider Jock Paget has been cleared of doping allegations.

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Down to basics

National newspapers – and some equestrian magazines – seem aghast that cut-price supermarket chain Aldi has launched a range of casual riding clothes.

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Feeding foals

At this time of year the process of weaning will be underway for many, and the nutritional requirements of mare and foal need to be considered carefully.

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A happy horse means a happy rider

Pegasus understands horses, and we understand the value of a first class diet in improving equine health and performance. Our business is dedicated to helping you give your horse all he needs for a happy healthy life.

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