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No Moody No®

Powerful fast-acting chasteberry
tincture for moody hormonal mares


Hoof Power Xtra

The ultimate
hoof supplement


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KO-CHO-LINE® Leather Dressing

A thick grease to protect and revive saddlery leather.

£6.75 £6.41

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Powerful fast-acting valerian tincture for anxious or nervous horses, and for helping horses to cope with stressful periods.

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2 reviews


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Effol® Horse-Fly-Blocker +

Extra strong horsefly repellent spray. Protects from horse flies, ticks, mosquitoes and flies.

£3.50 £3.33

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Equine America Bleader Gard Powder

Essential support to the lungs and blood vessels during strenuous exercise.

£47.50 £45.13

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ShowSheen® Stain Remover & Whitener

A fast-acting spot remover enhanced with Oxi-Eraser stain lifters for a colour-safe, deep clean without bleach.

£11.95 £11.35

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Equilibrium Tri-Zone® Airlite Impact Sports Boots

A highly-protective boot which is very light, flexible and breathable!

£59.95 £53.96

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A balanced daily feed supplement for all horses and ponies.

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1 review


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Kevin Bacon's Hoof Dressing

A laurel balm for the care and protection of horses' hooves.

£17.95 £17.05

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Equine America ASU 6000

A must for young horses in work, recovering from injury and those who jump and gallop.

£47.50 £45.13

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TopSpec All-in-One

The most fully-comprehensive supplement you can buy.

£27.50 £26.13

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Biotin Plus

Nutritional support for quality hoof growth and protection against cracked brittle hooves.


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Powerful fast-acting tincture made from whole organic plants, grown in California. To support an efficient immune system. Certified organic by the Soil Association.


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Seaweed & Rosehip

Two of nature's richest sources of key nutrients and vitamins.


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Equine America Super So-Kalm

To support concentration and focus.


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Equine Premium Gut Balancer

A targeted premium probiotic supplement for digestive wellbeing!

£15.95 £14.36

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The Truth About Feeding Your Horse by Clare MacLeod

A comprehensive and authoritative guide to every aspect of equine nutrition.

£25.00 £20.00


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Choosing hay

With hay-making going on all around, it’s time to start thinking about this winter’s stock of forage for your horse. Partially stabled horses or those on restricted grazing are fed forage all year round, but for many owners, buying forage is part of the winter prep routine.

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Are you feeding your horse correctly?

The most common mistake I come across as a nutritionist out in the field is an incorrectly balanced diet, especially for horses who are maintaining their weight.

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Look into labels

Investigating product labels and learning about ingredients of feeds, supplements and healthcare products will help you to make more informed choices about what you feed and use on your horse.

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A happy horse means a happy rider

Pegasus understands horses, and we understand the value of a first class diet in improving equine health and performance. Our business is dedicated to helping you give your horse all he needs for a happy healthy life.

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