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Powerful fast-acting valerian
tincture for anxious or
nervous horses


Hoof Power Xtra

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To support the body’s
natural anti-inflammatory
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FlexiMover® 10:10

FlexiMover® 10:10 is the ideal choice for all working horses, to supply building blocks for healthy joint cartilage. Feed it long term, before mobility is limited.

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leovet® Summer Oil-Gel

For an improved moisture level and a stronger hoof horn.

£9.50 £9.03

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Absorbine Frog & Sole Care

Helps eliminate odours caused by bacteria and fungi.

£14.95 £14.20

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Farriers Finish®

Active against a wide spectrum of 'hoof eating' bacteria and fungal invasions which cause poor hoof quality.

£23.95 £22.75

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calmmunch® relaxing & rewarding

calmmunch® 'relaxing & support calm bahaviour' with magnesium, B vitamins, chamomile, hops and vervain.


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KO-CHO-LINE® Leather Dressing

A thick grease to protect and revive saddlery leather.

£6.75 £6.41

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Horseman's One Step®

Leather cleaner and conditioner that lifts and removes dirt and sweat.

£7.50 £7.13

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Flax/linseed oil for horses

100% pure cold-pressed oil from flax seeds grown and harvested in Yorkshire.

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£21.00 £18.90

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To support and maintain a healthy stomach, and to aid natural healing after ulcers.


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FlexiMover® GOLD

FlexiMover® GOLD is a must after injury, and for young horses of any age who need support for their orthopaedic development. It is safe to feed to horses and ponies of any age, so is ideal for the very young, who require extra support.

£41.50 £35.28

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Micronised full fat linseed meal for horses

Rich source of omega-3 essential fatty acids in a practical pure ready-cooked micronized full-fat meal form.

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Powerful fast-acting valerian tincture for anxious or nervous horses, and for helping horses to cope with stressful periods.

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Keratex Zeolite

A BREAKTHROUGH in supplementary feeding. A new way of feeding your horse.

£12.95 £12.30

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Powerful fast-acting tincture made from whole organic plants, grown in Oregon. To support an efficient immune system. Certified organic by the Soil Association.


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Effol® Horse-Fly-Blocker +

Extra strong horsefly repellent spray. Protects from horse flies, ticks, mosquitoes and flies.

£3.50 £3.33

£275.00 £254.38


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Curing communication breakdowns

There have been some interesting reactions to my post about turmeric. Last week, I confessed worries that some enthusiasts were feeding it to animals to try and solve health problems without taking veterinary advice first.

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Optimising post-exercise recovery

Human athletes are very aware of optimising recovery after a hard workout, to ensure they are ready for their next bout of exercise, or competition. For horses, however, a great deal more is written about pre-exercise feeding, rather than post-exercise.

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Winter management to avoid gastric ulcers

With more horses stabled overnight now the weather has turned in the UK, thoughts go to their management and how to ensure good welfare. Although many owners are more aware of the importance of feeding enough forage and not allowing horses to have long periods of fasting, some horses are still left too long with nothing to eat.

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A happy horse means a happy rider

Pegasus understands horses, and we understand the value of a first class diet in improving equine health and performance. Our business is dedicated to helping you give your horse all he needs for a happy healthy life.

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