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No Moody No®

Powerful fast-acting chasteberry
tincture for moody hormonal mares



Joint supplement for aiding
comfort and mobility in
hard-working or older horses



To support the body’s
natural anti-inflammatory
and pain mechanisms

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Lincoln Omega Gold Rapeseed Oil

Contains the essential fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3 at the optimum-balanced ratio of 2:1.


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Vetericyn® Wound & Skin Care

Scientifically engineered topical solution for wound and skin care on horses and companion animals. Antifungal and antibacterial.


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NAF GastriAid

Naturally supports the absence of ulcers in a healthy stomach.

£29.95 £26.96

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Older horses who struggle in colder weather, becoming stiff, will benefit from the powerful effects of FlexiMover®, and it is also ideal for hard-working horses during time off after injury.

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4 reviews


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Flexalan Lanolised Leather Dressing

A labour saving brush on preparation.

£4.50 £4.28

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Powerful fast-acting valerian tincture for anxious or nervous horses, and for helping horses to cope with stressful periods.

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2 reviews


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NAF Magic Powder

Unique blend of calming herbs and nutrients to help relax muscle tissue and support concentration.

£21.95 £20.85

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vitamunch® marvellously moreish meadow

vitamunch® 'mmm...marvellously moreish meadow' with dandelion, red clover and nettle (enriched with essential vitamins and minerals)


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Absorbine® Embrocation

Soothes sore muscles and stiff joints.

£13.00 £12.35

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Hooflex® Natural Dressing & Conditioner

Enhances hoof colour without chemicals or dyes. Deep conditions for a natural shine.

£11.95 £11.35

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Pure glucosamine for horses

99.0% pure glucosamine hydrochloride with no added bulkers or fillers.


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Kevin Bacon's Hoof Dressing

A laurel balm for the care and protection of horses' hooves.

£17.95 £17.05

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Garlic Solution

Concentrated garlic oil extract. Garlic Solution contains a higher concentration of oil than is found either in the fresh bulb or the dried chopped bulb (garlic granules).

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2 reviews


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Supreme Products Sparkle

A superior mane and tail dressing which produces body, glamour and shine.


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Equilibrium Equi-Chaps® Hardy Chaps

Offer protection from over reaches, knocks and grazes.

£54.95 £50.83

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CM Equine Products Main Comb

Eliminate mane and tail pulling.



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Boswellia serrata

Boswellia, also known as frankincense, is the gummy resin of the medium sized deciduous Boswellia serrata tree. It’s becoming a more popular ingredient for human, dog and horse joint supplements, and has recently been mentioned as having benefits in a Cochrane review of oral herbal therapies for treating osteoarthritis.

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Pegasus understands horses, and we understand the value of a first class diet in improving equine health and performance. Our business is dedicated to helping you give your horse all he needs for a happy healthy life.

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